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Great UIs with Robust Frontend Development

As a Front End Development Company we promise you appealing and functionally dynamic UIs with the best frontend development tools

Why Front End Development Is Important?

Your website or app is the face of your brand. It has to be visually appealing and have engaging UI. Front end development lets you achieve this.

  • With the top front end development tools you can create mobile responsive websites that increase your reach and impact.
  • Appealing websites and apps increase the trust factor of a brand. It improves recognition and adds to the brand equity.
  • Engaging websites and apps help in increasing the conversion rates and take your business ahead of competition.
  • Employing best practices in front end development improves the performance of the website and apps ensuring higher success.

How Can We Help You?

We let you hire front end developers to meet niche needs and solve business problems. Our front end development services include -

  • Front End Strategy – We prepare the design and development strategy for your website and apps addressing all touch points.
  • Front End Development –  We create unique websites and apps that are aligned to your business goals.
  • CMS Development – We develop custom CMS solutions that address the niche needs of high-load websites.
  • Plugin Development – Our front end developers can create custom plugins to add a unique functionality to your website.

Different Needs, Different Front End Development Tools

We offer you a choice of front end development tools that are meant to meet your niche needs.

  • 01

    Angular JS

    AngularJS is the preferred framework for developing dynamic websites and apps. It has become the first-choice framework for single page application development.

    • Its simple architecture ensures fast turnaround time for apps.
    • Developers can reuse codes in AngularJS making applications lighter.
    • AngularJS combines the best of HTML5 and JavaScript creating great possibilities.
    • It allows two-way data binding making it the most powerful JavaScript.
  • 02


    The fifth version of the most popular web development tool has brought in many features that have changed web development forever. It offers many advantages -

    • HTML5 creates cleaner codes that make apps and websites faster.
    • Its local storage feature improves performance of web and apps.
    • HTML5 ensures better interactions, making it ideal for dynamic websites.
    • It ensures consistency in design and User Experience.
  • 03


    It is the preferred JavaScript framework for building real-time applications. Known for its data streaming feature it uses a single codebase making development easy.

    • Node.js has a non-blocking I/O model which helps intensive applications.
    • It is compatible with all major databases and runs without obstacles.
    • It breaks frontend- backend deadlock, can be used for backend development too.
    • Node.js allows code reuse making one of the best JavaScript platforms.

Hire Us As Per Needs

Your needs are different, hire us accordingly

  • Most Popular

    Dedicated Resources

    If you are in need of dedicated resources for a long term project or wish to augment your in-house team without adding to the headcount this hiring model is best suited for you.

    • Get access to large pool of Frontend Development Experts
    • 80/160 hours of dedicated work per developer every month
    • Dedicated resources working as extension of your in-house team
    • Convenient monthly billing on hours logged

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  • Most Popular

    Fixed Price/Package

    If your needs are predictable and you don’t foresee immediate changes to your plan this hiring option is best suited for you. We shall together define the scope for the project and fix its price.

    • You get full control over cost of your project
    • Hire Frontend Development Experts with sound expertise
    • Pay only for work done, no hourly billing calculations
    • No escalation in project cost

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  • Most Popular

    Time & Material

    If you need long term hiring where the scope of the project can change or need to hire Frontend Development Developer who will address your needs when they arise, our Time & Material hiring option would fit into your bill perfectly.

    • Access to Frontend Development Developers with highest level of expertise
    • Flexible access to resources based on needs
    • Ability to scale up or scale down team based on demand
    • Convenient monthly billing on hours logged

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Why Digital Concepts for Front End Development?

  • Expertise

    We bring to the table years of expertise in major front end development platforms and leverage their inherent strengths.

  • Inspiring UIs

    Your app or website needs to excite the users at first glimpse. Our creative approach to the job ensures inspirational UIs.

  • Cost

    We offer you highest quality frontend development services at the most competitive rates offering complete value for money.

  • Solving Problems

    We don’t merely design websites and apps but solve business problems and help you overcome major design challenges.

  • Scalability

    Websites and apps need to change with time and hence we focus on creating scalable interfaces that meet future needs.

  • Support

    We have a dedicated support and maintenance team that addresses all your concerns with the quickest turnaround time.

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