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Block Themes: The Simpler, More Powerful Way to Design Your WordPress Site

By Mitali Purkait Ghosh on August 10, 2023

You know about themes if you are remotely familiar with WordPress. However, block theme is the new cool kid in town that’s gaining popularity among developers and website owners. As the name suggests, these themes are made from blocks, and editing them is a joy compared to regular themes. WordPress development companies in India and abroad are consistently using block themes for good reason. Here’s why you should do the same.

1. No code, no problem

Editing themes is a tedious process of tinkering with text editors and the heavy use of FTP(File Transfer Protocol). Before you make any changes, you need to be aware of each component so that you don’t misplace the wrong element in the wrong location. After you go through all that effort, you also need to poke around with child themes to protect your customizations.

Block Themes get rid of this tedious and grimy workflow by replacing the theme editor with a block editor in WordPress. You can simply drag and drop elements to their designated place. No need to rack your brain to create a widget or specialized add-ons. As a custom WordPress development company, we welcome this change since it allows us to streamline our workflow and provide better services to our clients.

2. Improve Site Performance

Page Builders were fantastic tools that provided you with an alternative way to edit theme templates. You could reduce manual load with page builders. However, page builders weren’t free of flaws. Page builders are heavy and can weigh down your webpage code with bloat. Block Themes with the block editor helped to fix that issue. The block editor is site-wide and hence has a lower code output. You can hire our services for offshore website developmentto create an efficient website with block editor.

It also doesn’t override theme settings or styles with excess and unnecessary CSS clunk. For instance, you can completely ditch video gallery plugins and instead add a gallery block to your page. Moreover, once you’ve created a custom block, you can save and reuse it in your other WordPress sites. Performance and convenience are powerful incentives for any custom WordPress development company to switch to Block Themes. This also unleashes the potential of reducing the cost of building a WordPress website.

3. Full-site customization is less intimidating

You can truly customize your entire site with the block editor. There’s no need to be limited to post designs. From 404 pages and comment sections to archives and search results pages, there’s nothing that you can’t customize with the block editor. You can start building your website with a block theme and truly make it your own with endless customizations. This helps you stand out in a visually striking way from your competitors. You won’t appear as a copy of several other sites with the same WordPress theme with mild variations.

 The best thing about block themes is that they are always improving, thanks to the block editor and the team of passionate volunteers and developers behind it. At Digital Concepts our approach is client-centric and you can confidently rely on our services. To hire a dedicated WordPress developer, call us at +91 98301 40672, or check our impressive portfolio at https://www.digitalconcepts.in/portfolio/website-design-development/.

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