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Selling Fragrances Online

Selling Fragrances Online? Implement These Steps to Make Your Success Smell Irresistible

By Mitali Purkait Ghosh on October 14, 2020

Given the current global consumer behavior online, it is not a distant dream anymore to launch an online store and gain success. You just need to find a business that is relevant to the market. If you are selling fragrances online, then you surely can shoot for the stars, and why not! After all, smelling good is always something that will never go out of style, and neither will the occasional extravagant shopping impulses of the consumers.

So, if you are going to sell fragrances online and are looking for an online marketing agency to help you with that, you are in the right place. There are many ways you can hire an apt agency for your digital marketing needs. However, you are in luck. The expert marketers of our team have decided to guide you through your journey. Read on to get inspired.

Building Ecommerce Website for Your Fragrance Brand

The first step of the journey starts with laying the foundation of your business. It is not a surprising fact that every good website needs quality writers. You need to attract customers to your website by creating content that is 100% original and unique. So, if you hire a copywriter who knows how to  master the art of creating a compelling blog, your pool of customers will see a definite rise. When you are selling fragrances online, you need a store that will welcome your customers with charming words and an attractive e-commerce page. To create such an exciting e-commerce page, these are the steps that you need to follow:

  • First thing first, get customer reviews as your guide to finding out the right platform for your fragrance brand. You are aiming to build a long-term relationship with your customers. Hence, you need to find the foundation that will remain trustworthy for a longer period.
  • Just like every bottle of your fragrance comes with its unique smell and characteristics, every software also comes with its perks. Finding the right software solution for your eCommerce website is very important. Find out the features you are getting and see the customer reviews again to know which one is the best.
  • For an online store, it is difficult to give your customer a tangible experience. For fragrance, they surely cannot smell from your website. But they can feel the elegance, luxury, and freshness of your perfume from the design of the website. The company of online marketing services should understand this and execute the idea in its design.
  • Create an easy checkout and set up a tax system. For checkout, there should not be more than two clicks to take your customer to place the order. And for tax set up, don’t keep anything vague.
  • Fix the issues, like search functionality, regular indexing of products, dividing into the right categories, using content and image. Now, you are all set to launch.

How to Get Sale for Your Fragrance Store

Launching the website is not all. Now, you aim to make it visible and get the sale for the products. To make things simpler for your business you need to hire digital marketing Our experts from the best SEO company in India have laid out the steps you need to follow,

  • While you are trying to get sales, you need to perform keyword research in-depth. Researching your target audience is crucial if you want to get sales for the fragrances you are selling online. There are many resources e.g. tools and social media platforms that will give you a clear idea about what your audience wants.
  • Now, build your SEO strategy keeping the target keywords in mind. For a fragrance, your audience will be looking for “perfume for women,” “unisex perfume,” “spray for men” and so on. Use these keywords when you are planning SEO. Also, you can hire an online marketing agency, who will provide you with their expert SEO writers to find appropriate keywords for your website. To know why you need to do keyword research, read here:
  • Offer daily deals and gifts for registered customers to create a loyal customer group for your brand. For user-generated content, use giveaways too so that the customers can leave good reviews for your fragrances. And use social media platforms for boosting your promotions and getting the best for your investment.

Promoting your perfume online may seem a lot more challenging than it actually is. This is mainly due to not knowing what to do and where to do it? You may let your range of fragrances define your brand but online it’s a completely different ballgame. Gaining followers, understanding their interests and converting them into potential buyers requires smart planning and execution of those plans on a daily basis.

How Can You Promote Your Perfume?

Finding customers on social media is the key to finding customers online. It can be assumed that a majority of your probable customers spend quite some time every day on various social media platforms. Reaching out to these people via different kinds of Ads can bring in a lot of traffic to your online store. If you are confused about digital marketing and promotional ways of marketing a perfume, it is time to invest in an Internet marketing service that aids you in the process of promoting fragrances online. These types of online marketing agencies have a team of experts who specialize in making your products and services reach the maximum audience. Experts work on an everyday basis to make sure that your products can be bought by anyone or anywhere without any glitches.

The question stands how do they promote fragrances?

Target Group Ads

Going through the data of your audiences on various social media handles, you can easily make out the target groups who take interest in your products. Facebook, Instagram are two great platforms for running visually appealing Ads. Using captivating images to grab the attention of your potential customers can save you a lot of trouble and money.


Videos are a smart way of promoting your business on YouTube and Vimeo along with that you also get to play these videos on your website. Videos with social media influencers or previous buyers can also help in building trust and gaining more customers. The making process of your perfumes or various scents can also be shot and turned into an engaging video.

Exciting Contests

Hosting contests on your various social media platforms will increase your interaction time and visibility among your followers. You can give discounts, coupons or other offers to the winners and ask them for honest reviews of their choice of products.

Collaborating with Popular Bloggers

You can search for popular bloggers, those who are famous among your potential buyers. These beauty bloggers or reviewers can write a detailed piece about your choice of perfume or a special collection or launch of a new range. Collaborating with them will surely help a lot and make your PR game much stronger.

Creating Buzz About the Product

There are many ways that you can celebrate the launch, new arrivals, or discount offers of your fragrances online. Posting everyday content related to your page is necessary. Unless your content reaches the target audience, the sales won’t rise. What is crucial is to write the promotional content excitingly and uniquely. If you hire a copywriter, who specializes in social media posts, make sure he/she understands the need to create quality content for the popularity of your site.

Shoppable Posts

Some social media sites have made it very easy to purchase directly from a post. These posts help in getting a lot of organic traffic by just being present on the profile or feed. Pictures of your products and just a little description about it, that’s all you need to create such posts. You can create any number of such posts weekly and make them show on every given social media platform known to you.

E-commerce is the greatest way to maintain customer interaction with your business 24*7. Traditional markets did not have the facilities of buying and selling options available at all hours. It has been observed that 12% of all buying and selling activities rely on midnight shopping. Surprise Birthday presents, binge shopping, etc. are on the increase, especially with the Covid-19 situation. People stuck at home, browse through gift pages and other comfort items. If you are a seller of perfumes, a good e-commerce website will bring in potential customers. Since this item is one of the most sought-after products, hiring a digital marketing company will help your fragrance brand reach more potential customers. These agencies have expert teams who understand your business’s requirements and customize your previously made website. Once, the page becomes user-friendly and unique, in no time your fragrances will be used worldwide.

So, now that you know how you can create an eCommerce website for your fragrances and get sales, what are you waiting for? Get in touch with us at Digital Concepts as we are an emerging internet marketing company in India, and discuss our plans. For more details, visit or call +91 98301 40672 now.

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