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3 Necessary SEO Considerations When You are Rebranding and Changing Domains

By Mitali Purkait Ghosh on August 5, 2020

Rebranding and domain migration are common phenomenon in the business world and happen for a number of reasons. Maybe the company is taken over by a new authority and thus the name of the brand has been changed along with the domain. Or maybe it is entirely a business decision, aimed at the global expansion. In any case, there are always some risks with decision. But at the same time, when you are taking consideration of a few SEO terms, the disaster can be dealt with.

If you are considering a rebranding and migration of your domain, then it is necessary that you pay attention to the SEO considerations. In fact, experts from Digital Concepts, one of the best SEO companies in India, are of the same opinion. In the following points, we are going to tell you about the factors you need to focus on. Take a look.

Generate Signals Beforehand

When you are migrating the website domain, it can be a burden for you as well as for your users. Now, when you already have an existing website, you can use that to signal the change so that it becomes easier for your business as well as your users. If you are wondering how you can do that, you can go for two ways. You can do it internally with content and meta-data changes so that the existence of two website or the change from one into another doesn’t seem to be something abrupt. And you can do it externally with your traditional marketing techniques and PR. While doing so, maintaining elements of old branding with the new meta-data is often considered to be a good practice. When you hire SEO expert from us, at Digital Concepts, a reputed and affordable SEO company, we ensure this in the first place.

Try to Retain the Old URL Structure

While migrating, changing URL structure and content placement can bring in certain amount of risks for your business and there is a potential loss in terms of all your SEO endeavors you have invested in so far. That is why keeping the URL structure same or similar or maintaining content levels can mitigate all these risks. Redirecting to the new site becomes easier with a simple rewrite in the htaccess file. At the same time, consider the old domain history and links too. It is likely that the old URL has picked links pointing to non-200 links which have gone through couple of changes and restructure processes of their own. Hence, compiling the old redirection list is important to retain the previous equity and signals. Experts from any best SEO company in India will suggest this just like us.

Use Content for Previous Brand Searches

Your content can be your helpful tool for dealing with previous brand searches. In many coming years, your consumers will have query about your old brand. The loyal customer base of your old brand will always go back to the old website too. Now, as they will get redirected to your new one, it is necessary that you offer them the right information. Use your blogs, support sections and FAQ pages to address all their queries. Outsource SEO services to us so that our team of expert writers can work on the content as per the needs.

So, if you are ready to get on board with an SEO agency for rebranding and changing domain, then come to us at Digital Concepts. Call at 98301 40672 now or visit for a free site audit.

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