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5 Ecommerce Development Trends That We Have Our Eyes On

By Mitali Purkait Ghosh on January 23, 2019

If there is one byproduct of the Internet Revolution that has changed the way we live, it has to be ecommerce. While some may argue that Social Media has been the most powerful gift of the digital age but when tangible metrics are applied to measure the impact on our lives ecommerce has been the driving force behind revolutionary change in the world of business. A business operating in Chicago can deliver goods directly to a customer in New York bypassing the whole network of middlemen. That’s the power of ecommerce and as a leading ecommerce development company we have been in the forefront of this evolution. Do you ever wonder how ecommerce is going to change in the coming years or what are the major developments taking place in this industry? Here are five major trends that has caught our attention and the ones we are currently implementing in our projects –

  • Virtual Assistants –

If there was one thing that ecommerce sites failed to provide, it was the service and help of a salesperson like in a brick and mortar store. Some people even have termed online shopping as mechanical as it was sans the person who would help customers find the products they were looking for. All that is set to change as most online stores are incorporating virtual assistants which will offer nearly the same kind of services that salesperson would offer if not more. With Artificial Intelligence this feature will only improve in the coming years.

  • Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality

– Not being able to see the product in 3D has kept some customers away from shopping online. While the sense of touch and feel may be years away with the help of Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality or AR&VR as they are mostly referred to customers are able to take a closer look at the products before buying them. As an ecommerce development company we have been exploring the possibilities with this technology. It is expected to lead towards the next major inflection point for online stores.

  • Personalization –

The reason most shoppers would like visiting the same store again and again was all thanks to the kind of personalized services that was offered to them. If you liked certain kind of clothing the retail store owner would always show you the latest collection of similar type. Increased competition in this industry is pushing stores towards offering more personalized experience to their customers and as a leading ecommerce website development service provider this is one feature that we have been working on for the last few projects. So the next time a user visits your online store you would be able to foresee their needs and serve them in a personalized way.

  • Machine Learning –

It is something that powers personalization as we have discussed in our previous point. The success of ecommerce in the future would rest on how well you know your customers and how you can foresee their needs and offer them the best products and services. For instance if a customer has ordered diapers from your store, the customer is most likely to shop for the same in a few weeks or month depending on when the stocks run out and with machine learning you are able to know when the customer needs a product and place the best offers in front of their eyes.

  • Mobile Apps

– Now this may not be directly linked to developing an ecommerce store but mobile apps can act as a force multiplier for any ecommerce website. As people who have seen the growth of this industry we believe that every online store needs to invest in developing a mobile app. While your web based online store would find new customers apps are meant to solidify the relationship with existing customers. It provides them an easy way to find the products they are looking for without venturing out to other stores.

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