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Are You Prepared With Your Content Marketing Strategy for 2019?

By Mitali Purkait Ghosh on December 24, 2018

It is the time of the year when the new trends in Internet marketing for the upcoming year are talked about. You may have already read about the latest trends in SEO or social media marketing. What about your content strategy? Will content marketing strategy remain the same as it has been previously? No, and we as a forward thinking online marketing agency have been working hard to find out the emerging trends in content marketing. By following these you would stay a step ahead of the curve. So here are some of the trends in content marketing for 2019 that you must be aware of –

# Content Has To Be Long-Form

Few hundred words of content with targeted keywords paid dividends in the past but not anymore. In the recent years long form content is doing well on the search engines. Research shows that long form content have higher odds of social shares and content that are over 2000 words tend to be considered more trustworthy by the users. Instead of five small blogs a week we suggest you to go for one that is well-researched and long-form and shares detail information about the topic.

# Webcasts and Live Video

Bandwidths have grown and people have developed increasing preference for videos. From product reviews to unboxing and instructions most people like watching videos. Webcasts and live videos have found great popularity and being driven by Facebook and Instagram. Including videos in your posts also increase its popularity and makes it share worthy.

# Prepare for Voice Search

Google Assistant and Apple’s Siri are the future of search and when it comes to content this shift in trend can’t be ignored anymore. In fact 42% of active Internet users prefer to do a voice search instead of keying in the searches. The increase in search volume via smartphones is perhaps another reason for you to stay prepared for voice search in your content.

# Get Active on Social Media

As an internet marketing company we have constantly focussed on making our clients aware of the being active on social media. While blogs and long form content would look great on your website you need to use the power of social media to attract maximum eyeballs on your content. Creative teasers written on social media can be one of the best ways to draw traffic to your website.

# Stay Authentic

Last but not the least all these strategies would work if what you are writing is authentic. In a social savvy world it is nearly impossible to dupe or mislead your users. They can read between the lines and if your content is found to be unauthentic you risk severe damage to your reputation. Every single interaction is an opportunity to turn a user into a customer and you shouldn’t mislead them.

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