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Stay In Track With the Best Instagram Trends In 2022

The social media platforms are forever in a state of change and Instagram is one of them spearheading the rest. With about one billion active users on this site, you may be in one moment and out the very next day. So, why don’t you get the expert’s opinion about Instagram marketing and move on with confidence. Expanding your brand on one of the most influential social media platforms may not be as easy as it looks. So, you might not look here and there with us to assist you right away.

One of the biggest questions hovering in your mind is how companies may start working on the newest trends on Instagram. Many of them may not have the skills to get the most out of this platform and others may strive without much success. Remember that the sooner and quicker you are in adapting to the trends the better it is to see the efforts work. Here are some of the best trends we have garnered for you to stay informed and get success more easily.

Instagram Live

When everything else is online, why should Instagram fall behind? So, the buzzword is turning live. No wonder Instagram Live started functioning right from the days of the onset of pandemic and is slated to grow bigger. Several businesses share their stories and connect with the followers. Therefore, going live is one of the most significant strategies to keep in mind to stay ahead in the competitive environment of 2022.

  • Through the Live functionality, you can walk and talk to the audience face-to-face
  • Make your audience familiar with your team
  • Allow the followers to ask questions and help them understand how they may benefit from your products and services

The idea of using Live is to spell more creativity through this platform.

Rise of reels

Instagram Reels came into being in 2020 and reached all users in 2021. Although the intent behind Reels was to give TikTok a run for money, the popularity of this tool is making the internet blaze. During the initial stage, Reels were more like the 90-second clippings but the duration increased to about thirty seconds and the kind of engagement they generate is simply mind-blowing. Undoubtedly, Reels is among the most noted of the Instagram 2022 trends and the popularity is expected to grow further.

Making Stories more popular

If your business is already on Instagram, you may have already crossed paths with Instagram Stories. Now, this feature has more stickers for enhancing the engagement, and one of the recent options, Add yours wherein the prompt you create allows the followers add their photographs to it through sharing of stories.

If you want to make things more seamless, the best option would be to hire a digital marketing agency in India to get into the depth of the trends on this platform to stay unbeatable and let more people notice your brand.

Boosting the AR features

If you are yet to become familiar with it, Instagram now comes packed with AR or Augmented Reality features. The basic filters have now been done away with and the new AR features allow the audiences to engage with the music during the creation of Reel or Story.

Instagram is all set to come out with more AR functionalities in 2022, so watch out for them and enjoy the excitement.

User-based content

The popularity of content that users create has always been a significant feature of Instagram. Typically, it is the content that the followers and audiences create for your brand. Once you get their approval, posting the same content may make the audience happier and create a line of mutual trust eventually. Why don’t you hire an affordable internet marketing company to utilize this feature fully?

Instagram trends change constantly. Therefore, you must not fall behind the latest buzz and keep track of the changes regularly. If you are wondering how that is, well you need to communicate with the Social Media Marketing Team of Digital Concepts. We have experts to help you stay on this platform and grow. You can communicate your requirements to us at or give a buzz at +91-9830140672 04 to speak to us.

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