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Choosing Ecommerce Web Hosting Solution to Keep an Eye on Speed and Reliability

By Mitali Purkait Ghosh on December 17, 2018

There are more than hundred thousand online stores selling everything from cloths to airplane parts. Where do you stand amidst this competition? You can very well remain just another number among the thousands of obscure sites that only stand witness to their competitors running away with all the sales and customers. Did we scare you too much? Are you having doubts about launching your online store? No, the idea isn’t to scare you but as an ecommerce development company we want you to choose the right path when it comes to launching or managing your online store.

Speed & Reliability – The Differentiating Factor

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you plan to launch your online store? Did you just say design? Yes, everybody wants to launch a visually appealing store and would hire the most skilled designers to achieve flawless ecommerce website design. But what about the speed at which the site renders or the experience users have? Speed and reliability of the platform is one of the major differentiating factors in this business. To state a visible trend in the market – users expect a site to load within two second and by the third second they look for the (X) sign on their browser. Also every second of delay can reduce the conversion rate by as much as 7% for online stores. To top it even Google uses site speed as a factor while ranking websites. If you are sluggish you will have to be content sitting at the bottom of search results.

Do Care About Uptime

As a thumb rule don’t attempt to run a successful ecommerce store using a vanilla web hosting plan. They are pathetic and not meant for online stores. But neither should you judge a web host based on the dollar figure alone. You need to look at the uptime. It can’t practically be 100% so premium hosts would promise you uptime of between 99.9 and 99.99%. Remember there is a world of difference between these two figures. Over a period of 30 days that would mean 40 odd minutes of difference. Doesn’t sound much, right? But 40 minutes of your website’s opportunity would be stolen in peak hours when downtime is most likely to happen. Imagine being off for 40 minutes on Black Friday or other important shopping dates.

Costs & Future Ready

Your business is likely to grow. You will increase the product inventory and also your user base and the perfect web hosting plan that you have chosen may not be perfect within a year’s time. This is where you need to make sure there is scope to grow within the web hosting plan you choose. It may be in terms of bandwidth and other technical factors that determine uptime and speed. Also keep in mind the total costs associated with your hosting subscription. Some web hosts would offer a free domain and lure you with increase hosting costs.  You should make your decision based on uptime and value for money alone.

It is important for you to choose the right hosting platform and plan for your online store. As an ecommerce website development company we help clients choose the right hosting services. If you are looking for ecommerce developers who can help you stay ahead of competition you can count on Digital Concepts. Mail us at or Dial|Whatsapp +91 98301 40672 and we shall be the right partners in your journey.

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