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COVID-19 Awareness: 4 Preventive Aspects to Keep in Mind

By Mitali Purkait Ghosh on April 9, 2020

It is believed that God forgives us every single time but Nature does not. The life-threatening virus COVID-19 has reached all the continents of the world and is wreaking havoc in largest of them including America, Europe and Asia taking thousands of lives and affecting even more. It is now very clear that only if all the nations come together as one shall we be able to prevent this virus from spreading further.

The thing to wonder about here is that the prevention of such a virus that has taken the lives of so many thousands of people can be so simple. And yet we are unable to do so. This is nothing but our own carelessness and disregard for rules and is only a proof of how reckless we have become as humans. In this blog, we shall be talking about the various aspects which we need to keep in mind in order to keep ourselves aware about the COVID-19 virus.

Here are 4 aspects for the prevention of the COVID-19 aka Corona virus:

1. Prevention: The prevention of this virus comes down to the individual level. Unless a person does not follow the rules are mentioned by the World Health Organization (WHO), prevention will be tough. As you can see in the picture given here, there are 5 simple ways in which you can prevent getting affected by the virus and spreading it further.

2. Handling Anxiety: In such times, it is natural to get the anxiety the better of you. But it is very important to keep it in control. Here we have 4 easy ways in which you can keep your anxiety in check.

3. Busting Myths: You will hear numerous things about the corona. Not all are true. And not knowing which is true can lead to anxiety. So, here we have 5 myths that are not true about the Corona.

4. Having a Clean Workplace: We all work somewhere. So, it is inevitable that we keep our workplace clean and not allow it to serve as a platform for the virus to grow. The given picture has 4 tips to have a clean workplace.

These 4 aspects are the fundamentals that will help you in keeping yourself aware of the COVID-19 aka Coronavirus. What is most important is to keep yourself aware of true information. Only then can you protect yourself and as well as those around you. Stay Home & Be Safe!!

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