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How to Fortify Your WordPress Site for the Future?

By Mitali Purkait Ghosh on January 19, 2024

Whether you are setting up an online shop or just trying to have an online presence for your thriving business, developing a great website comes at a cost and you need to make it count in the long-term. However, future-proofing your website requires careful planning and foresight.

If you’re looking to build a website that’s resilient against the changing landscape of web development, you need to be tactful. As a WordPress development company, Digital Concepts has extensive experience in building websites for our clients that are highly optimized and provide an amazing experience to our users.

The best WordPress developers in India recommend these steps to create a future-proof website:

1. Get a dependable and trustworthy hosting provider

You spend a lot of time tinkering with drag-and-drop builders and crafting the most impressive website. You hire a digital marketing team for the site’s SEO and content generation and just wait to witness the flood of new traffic. Unfortunately, your website’s down on launch day and has significant downtime on the following days. All your efforts go in vain when you fail to choose a reliable hosting provider for your website.

Select a hosting provider that provides top-notch security, has automatic backups, provides SSL certificates, and robust customer support. A feature-rich hosting provider that doesn’t compromise on storage and bandwidth doesn’t need to be unaffordable. For instance, WordPress developers for hire at our company recommend SiteGround and Hostinger for WordPress sites.    

2. Stay compliant with privacy laws

Privacy laws are always changing as technology evolves and people use new devices or services. Who handles your data and how they do it is a major concern across the globe and increasingly countries are implementing privacy laws to protect consumers.

Plugins like Enzuzo, WP Auto Terms, and Termageddon provide you with templates for creating robust privacy policies and presenting them to your users aesthetically. Some of them also can keep up with regulations and automatically generate or update your privacy policies with the changing laws.

3. Think about the future when selecting plugins

There are hundreds of thousands of plugins on the WordPress store and most of them provide you with very useful features for free. However, you should be very careful while selecting plugins for your WordPress website. For instance, if you are looking for a plugin that adds a follow button to your website, don’t go for one that has just that feature.

Instead, think about the future and check the compatibility of the plugin with popular WordPress themes. You may be satisfied with just a follow button for your brand’s social media page at the moment. However, if you decide to add live selling features to your website in the future, you need a plugin that can show counters on the follow button and more. Our clients leave this hassle to us by hiring dedicated WordPress developers who have tinkered around with hundreds of plugins and know the right use and future potential of each one for proper implementation.     As a web development outsourcing company, Digital Concepts has an expert team of developers who can help you build a website that isn’t just future-proof but provides a smooth and pleasant user experience. Connect with us now at +91 98301 40672 or click here to start creating an impressive website for tomorrow.

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