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Free Tools for Social Media Marketing

Free Tools for Social Media Marketing On a Budget

By Mitali Purkait Ghosh on May 14, 2024

In the digital age, businesses must leverage social media to connect with their audience, market their products and services, and grow brand recognition. However, it can be a bit of a complicated and time-consuming affair. Moreover, when your peers recommend SMM (Social Media Marketing) tools, they tend to charge tens of hundreds of dollars that eat into your bottom line.

Digital Concepts grew from a startup and we understand the resource crunch startups have to go through. That’s why we have curated a list of some of the best free social media marketing resources to help fuel your growth without spending a penny.

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Social media is all about sharability. And sharability translates to links. However, sometimes, the links are too large and scare your audience away. Other times you don’t want people to view the link since you’re concerned about security risks or getting an influencer to promote your product through affiliate marketing.

In some cases, you may need to check on the performance of links that redirect to other sites. allows you to do all of that for FREE! It doesn’t just shorten your URLs and create custom slugs but allows you to create a personal database as well. The database allows you to view the performance of every link with useful metrics like CTR (click-through rate), clicks per day, and source of referrals. Our social media gurus use it all the time.

Google Sheets image

2. Google Sheets

Airtable is the dominant tool for managing your social media content workflow. It allows you to create new content ideas, map them out in content calendars, and collaborate with your team members on getting that content created, published, and tracked. However, the ‘free’ tier has a few limitations. No more than 5 editors on a base and attachments can’t be more than 1GB either.

While that’s perfect for micro-businesses, it’s not enough for any decently sized operation that uses a lot of video content. That’s where Google Sheets shines as a viable and truly ‘FREE’ alternative. You can collab with an unlimited number of people and the free limit on Google Drive allows for 15GB of free storage for all the viral content you create.

Moreover, Google Sheets has several integration options available on the market that allow you to turn it into a powerful database. At Digital Concepts, we use it extensively for our projects for its convenience and familiar interface. 

Canva logo

3. Canva

Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, and Premier Pro are paid tools that allow you to create and edit posters, flyers, social media stories, and more for your brand’s social handles. However, they demand a learning curve and cost a lot of money in monthly subscriptions. That’s where Canva comes in. It’s a free tool that makes basic video editing, and designing your own graphics and socially shareable images more accessible and free for small brands.

With abundant free templates, copyright-free images, and graphical elements, anyone can create a professional-looking social media post within a few minutes. Moreover, Canva also allows you to build a basic website for your page. So, if you are an up-and-coming cafe that’s looking to have an online presence without spending a penny, Canva is the best option. The app also has AI integration which helps you come up with catchy social media copies and make unique images for your posts.  

Ready to take your social media marketing to the next level? Digital Concepts offers a variety of affordable SMM packages that can help you craft a winning social media strategy, create high-converting content, and manage your online reputation. Call us at +91 98301 40672 or click here to learn more about our services. 

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