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Hone Your Internet Marketing Skills to Deal with Budget Cut Post the COVID19 Lockdown

By Mitali Purkait Ghosh on July 16, 2020

From 2016, there has been a steady growth in the budget allotted globally for marketing, which had been an amalgamation of digital and traditional marketing. Until now. 2020 has brought in an unprecedented situation all around the world. When the global population is dealing with the pandemic and new norms of social distancing, brands are struggling to deal with their revenue. As the priorities have shifted completely for the consumers, it has become really difficult for brands to stay afloat and get the revenue like before. As a result, with the decrease of ROI, businesses are forced to cut down their budgets for marketing too.

In situations like this, when your CMO is trying to find out the ways to save more and cut down the budget, you need to hone your internet marketing skills to stay afloat as well as get the most out of your strategies. How? Experts from Digital Concept, an emerging online marketing company are offering you some insights that can help you with the best internet marketing tips that will help you get through this. Take a look at the following points to know more.

Optimize Voice Search

Voice search, in the past two years, has become really a big thing in the industry. People are relying on voice search more rather than the keywords, especially from 2018. Now, when most of the retail stores are going online, it is becoming essential that you think of optimizing voice search for your consumers. We offer internet marketing services that cover such requirements. We will design your website and enable the search box with voice search so that your consumers can easily find what they are looking for.

Refocus on Distribution

Previously, you had more budget because of which you could invest more in each channel for marketing. Now, when you are dealing with budget cuts, you need to make necessary changes too. Instead of maintaining the quantity of the content, focus on the distribution of it. For example, you used to post 8 blogs a week along with maintaining 3-4 social media platforms with regular posting. Now, things have changed completely. Now, instead of focusing more on producing more and more content, focus on quality and distribution. Your marketing has to change as the priorities of your customers have shifted too. So, you might not get enough clicks on your 8 blog posts. Hence, diversify your focus and use other networks for your marketing. Experts at our online marketing agency can help you with this.

Market to Existing Customers

In normal times, investing in a paid ad campaign and targeting your new demographic is suggested for all the brands. But when it comes to times like these when you are bound to cut your budget, it is necessary that you think of marketing among the existing customers. It will help them get the best of your offerings while also let you strengthen your business relation with them. And as they will know that they can trust your brand, they might bring in new customers with their references.

Go for User-Generated Content

When you are using the content produced by professionals, they will be mostly business-oriented. Now, when you are thinking of shrinking your budget, go for user-generated content. Twitter and Instagram can help you get some really good quality user-generated visual content that will add authenticity in your marketing.

So, now as you know about these ways to market even with fewer dollars, what are you waiting for? Implement these plans today. And for professional assistance from an internet marketing company, ping us up at +91 98301 40672 or visit to see what we offer.

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