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How Offshore Marketing Services Can Boost Your Social Media Marketing?

By Mitali Purkait Ghosh on November 21, 2023

Time is invaluable for everyone, especially for business owners. They don’t have the experience or expertise to use advanced social media analytics and management tools and choose to not waste their time on the social media channels of their business.

Successful businessmen opt to hire offshore digital marketing services for that job. Digital Concepts is one of the premier digital marketing agencies who can effectively manage your social media channels and craft a comprehensive strategy to increase their online visibility.

Offshore marketing agencies can help boost your social media in the following ways:

1. Craft an effective social media strategy

Every social media platform is designed for a different user base and preferences and needs a unique approach. For instance, educational content and news about changing industry trends will get more clicks on LinkedIn while Instagram demands short and crisp content to get you on everyone’s feed. Digital marketing companies like us have a dedicated social media team who handle social media pages of several clients and are extremely familiar with the algorithm changes on those platforms. That’s why we are able to put together strong strategies that generate leads and help to push your business to more relevant users.

2. Automated approach

Small business owners are often reluctant at hiring offshore services for their social media account due to the time difference. They are worried that the Halloween post may not be uploaded at the right time when the person who is responsible for the task is several time zones away. However, with several years in the industry and the use of modern automation tools, we make sure to time every post perfectly. As a renowned digital marketing company in India, we use a social media calendar for every client and it includes a comprehensive posting plan. It contains everything from the content of the post to the frequency of certain types of posts like images and short form videos. We combine that calendar with automation tools like HootSuite to align with the period when your target demographic goes online.

3. Productive advertising

Running ads on social media is extremely simple. Meta has made their tools highly accessible so that even the least tech savvy people can run ads on Instagram and Facebook. However, paying for an ad may not translate into quality clicks. Offshore marketing companies like ours are aware of the hurdles and the competition in ad space.

We have a graphic design and content team to create compelling ads that follow the latest marketing trends and push them to your target audience. We also help you select the right platform for your ads. For instance, if you sell refurbished furniture, Facebook might be the better platform since it is more actively used by an older audience. Want to sell trendy fashion? Bet on the millennials and Gen-Z crowd on Instagram and TikTok. Apart from a great social media strategy, you also need to optimize for the search engines to attract more organic traffic to your business. At Digital Concepts, we also offer offshore SEO services that create synergy and help you make the most out of your marketing budget. Reach out to us at +91 98301 40672 or click here to send in your requirements.

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