Top 6 Ways to Hire the Best WordPress Developer

Choosing a WordPress Developer – 6 Ways to Get It Right

By Mitali Purkait Ghosh on July 29, 2022

Why should I use WordPress? Is that the question hovering in your mind? The truth is that the top brands use WordPress today to power their websites. So, it has tremendously grown in popularity no matter what your website requirements are. The flexibility and ease of use are what make it a robust CMs and a powerful website-building tool. If you are keen to build a website but do not know how to handle it properly, you need to go for companies offering professional WordPress development services. But before that, you need to pause and research a bit about the qualities that you need to keep in mind while hiring a WordPress developer for your business. Let us help you out with the top 6 points that you should never ignore:

1. Know your needs

Before you hire offshore WordPress developer, you need to delve a bit and find out what your needs are. Unless you know, what you want the development team to fulfill, they will not get a clear view. Stating the requirements allow them to filter and explore the options more efficiently. For instance, you can check a few of your competitors’ websites, especially the ones that inspire and share it with the team you are planning to hire. That way the team will know what and how to deliver it within the timeframe.

2. Questions to ask

When you begin screening the companies offering development services, interviewing the team is the way to go. Prepare a list of questions ahead of the interview and make sure that you get the queries replied to. A few questions you need to ask are:

  • What is your experience in handling WordPress-themed sites?
  • How do you communicate with the clients?
  • Show some of your latest work.
  • Do you also SEO-optimize the sites and what are the methods you apply?
  • What is the average time taken to complete the development projects?
  • What are the niches and the industries you handled while using the WordPress themes?

With a range of questions to ask, you will come to know the technical and soft skills of the developers.

3. Know the expenses

When hiring WordPress development services, you need to stay prepared for the costs involved. Even though the cost won’t cross the barriers or as much as the other platforms, there will be some expenses you need to handle. A custom site with the desired functionality and features commands a higher price and a general site with modest features may cost more.

4. Test the communication skills

When looking for someone proficient in different aspects of web development, you need to know whether they have the desired communication skills. They need to reply to your queries and be responsive all the time, whether in person or via email.

5. Meet project deadlines and creativity

Does the development team have what it takes to deliver the projects within your timeframe?  You need to find a development team that resonates with your creative vision and also delivers within the deadlines. You may know a lot during the interview process and know whether it is right to hire the team or not.

6. Trial run facility

By the time you complete the screening process and the interviews, it’s time you sneak into the area of the trial run. It is not just testing the theoretical skills that matter. You need to find out whether the team is ready to give a trial run. For that, you need to create a staging environment and let them complete a few tasks. Making it a paid trial may encourage the prospective team to give their best and they are more likely to complete the task.

Overall, you need to take your time during the hiring process. Try to check multiple sites, create a list of possibilities, and compare them against each other for the best results. Once you narrow down the top options, look into each with attention to detail and use the guidelines to make your final choice. If you have the urge and the budget to reframe your website, the WordPress development team from Digital Concepts will match your needs. If you want to hire WordPress developer, email us your requirements at Alternatively, call +91 98301 40672 to discuss the options.

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