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A Cheat Sheet on How to Fix The Page Speed Issues

By Mitali Purkait Ghosh on August 19, 2020

Many experts often become confused about page speed. Page speed is different from site speed. Often at Digital Concepts, we have to make our clients understand how different both are. Page speed is the speed of loading content of a particular page. It is either the “page load time” – the time your page takes to fully display the content or “time to first byte” – the time a browser takes to receive the first byte of information from the page. Google PageSpeed Insights can give you a clear idea about how fast your page can load.

Page Speed as Good SEO Practice
Page speed is crucial to rank your website higher on the SERP which Google has indicated many times. Your page speed is more likely to affect the crawling too. Lower page speed means the search engine will be able to crawl fewer pages in their budget. Also, Google measures the time it gets the first byte from the website. Hence, lower page speed will result in negative indexing.

For user experience, page speed is important too.  The longer it will take to load the page, more the bounce rate will increase and hence the user will spend less time on the pages. Hence, we, an emerging online marketing company, ensure that increasing the page speed tops our strategy. How do we do it? Take a look at the following points.

Enable Compression
Reducing the size of CSS, HTML and JavaScripts is necessary. Use Gzip for file compression so that it increases the page load speed. For images, go for Photoshop instead of applications like Gzip so that you can retain the quality of the image while reducing the size.

Minify CSSM HTML and JavaScript
Optimize the code and see the radical increase of the page speed. Delete the comma, spaces, or unnecessary characters for that. With the help of tools like CSSNano and UglifyJS you can do this. If you are having a hard time understanding the technical aspect, take help from us or any online marketing agency India.

Reduce Redirections
If your page is redirecting to another web page, it is more likely to increase the time for completing the HTTP request-response cycle and that will make the user wait for more few seconds. Every additional redirect can do this to your page, resulting in increasing loading time and driving your user away. Experts on digital marketing services can fix this issue for you.

Remove Render –Blocking JavaScript
Before rendering a page, the browser builds a DOM tree by parsing HTML. In case the browser faces an issue with your script, it takes time to fix that and then continue with the process. This can contribute to the increasing page load time.

Leverage Browser Caching
Browsers cache information so that when users visit your page, it doesn’t have to load the images, texts, and JavaScript again. Tools like Y Slow can help you set the expiry date for the cache. A standard website doesn’t change its design too often. Hence, the cache period can be reasonably one year easily.

Improve the Response Time of Your Server
Your server response time is dependent on factors like site traffic, resource in use, software for the server, and hosting solution. Take care of issues like a slow database query, routing, lack of adequate memory, and so on. Maintain the speed of -200ms, the optimal server response time.

Content Distribution Network
Content distribution network store and distribute the load of delivering content. It is stored in many geographically diverse data centers, ensuring faster and reliable access to your website.

Optimizing Images
Using PNG images is suggested for faster loading time. CSS sprites images can be used for buttons and icons on your site too for loading at once and fewer HTTP requests. Multiple images loading can increase the page speed and that is why you need to take care of that.

So, now as you know how you can increase page speed, implement these measures. And to hire a company for a reliable internet marketing service, hire us. Call at +91 98301 40672 or visit

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