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How White Label SEO Can Combat Content Decay and Boost Traffic?

By Mitali Purkait Ghosh on July 8, 2024

If you’re adept in the digital sphere, you must know how important good-quality content is for a website. It’s the thing that helps engage users and also helps build your online authority.

However, a fact behind creating good content is that, no matter how hard you try, it will always get old! As time passes, the market witnesses’ new trends. Not only that, but search engine algorithm receives updates, and with the advent of fresh content, the former ones containing older information become outdated.

That’s where hiring a white-label SEO agency in India comes to the rescue! They have in-house Content Writers and SEO experts who can deal with decaying content, and work effectively to ensure your website maintains relevancy even in this dynamic market.

Let’s take a closer look.

How Does White Label SEO Revitalizes Your Site And How’s That Helpful?

Content decay is an inevitable thing. You can’t stop it from happening.

However, you can work on it, and try to refresh your content so that users find it to be relevant to their search intent. And in this process, a white-label SEO agency plays a crucial role.

Here’s how-

1. Thorough Analysis

White-label SEO feels a lot like hiring an SEO expert team! They have the expertise and training to conduct a thorough analysis of your website content. This helps them determine the gaps in the existing content of the website.

For instance, they can identify which areas of the current content lack optimization, and fix them accordingly. Similarly, they can also detect outdated information and update them to give the content a fresh look.

2. Refresh/ Repurpose Old Content

As a white-label digital marketing company, Digital Concepts houses expert content writers and marketers along with SEO experts and website developers.

These professionals have in-depth industry knowledge, and can effectively identify the loopholes in your existing website content. Accordingly, they can help update information and respective multimedia elements. They can also repurpose the formatting of existing content and transform it to newer formats like videos for infographics for better engagement.

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3. Conduct Keyword Research

The in-house SEO experts of a white-label company

 can also conduct thorough keyword research, and strategize your new content by optimizing them with the correct key phrases. How does this help?

Proper keyword research and optimization help align your content with the user’s search intent. For instance, if a user searches with “2024 guide to on-page SEO,” and your content is updated with keywords like “2024 on-page SEO tips” or “On-page SEO guide 2024”, it’s most likely to show up at first!

4. Remove Obsolete Content

A white-label SEO agency doesn’t just help in updating and altering your existing content. It also assists in pulling down obsolete content that has no relevance at present.

Not only that, but they can also help to consolidate the content with any other relevant content on their website. This helps a lot in white-label local SEO optimization, and you get to have a strong hold on your local audience.

Wrapping It Up

Your business might not have the required resources to deal with content decay. However, ignoring it might as well lead to a downfall in rank in SERP.

So, it’s better to outsource such issues to white-label SEO agencies. Their in-house professionals have the required knowledge and expertise to deal with content decay and refresh them to maintain their relevancy all year round.

Need to stir up your old content? Hire expert white-label SEO agencies like Digital Concepts, and start working on your website today! Call +91 98301 40672 to book an appointment.

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