Unlock Your Dilemma: In-House Team vs Outsourcing to an Agency

In-house Team vs Outsourcing Digital Marketing to an Agency – What’s Best For You?

By Mitali Purkait Ghosh on May 26, 2022

If you are a business owner, then you surely know about the importance of digital marketing for your brand. But when it comes to strategizing, all business owners are often caught up in a dilemma. The dilemma is between two choices, whether you should hire the specialists for the projects or should you build a strong in-house team for all kinds of requirements of now and future.

No wonder you are thinking of getting the best service or the best result at the minimum possible cost. So, which one you should choose? Let’s hear what our experts think at Digital Concepts, the leading digital marketing agency in India.

Bridging the Knowledge Gap

If you are not from the industry of digital marketing, then it is not really very easy for you to deal with all kinds of requirements of the project. You will need training, experience, proper strategies, knowledge, and insight about how the strategies work and so on. But being an outsider you will hardly have these ideas. However, if you think of outsourcing projects, the experts can help you with their knowledge. We, as well as any other reputed digital marketing company, offers the facility of dedicated team hiring. It is the best possible solution for you. You just need to hire dedicated experts who would put all their energies and effort into your project, thus ensuring the best result and 100% client satisfaction.

Hiring Can be Inexpensive than In-House Team

When you are planning to build a team of experts in your company itself, you have to think of recruiting new people, salary, and facilities of them, maintaining a balance of required work and the investment for the team. But if you are outsourcing the project to digital marketing services, you don’t have to bother about these issues at all. And as a natural process, the cost will come down to a reasonable level too as you will be paying the company according to your contract.

Retention and Assessment

If you are hiring professionals in your company, then you have to monitor their performance, assess their progress and retain the employee. But if you are hiring an agency for the job, retaining your account will become their utmost priority. They will do their best and offer you the desired result so that you stay with them. Also, they will be liable to inform you about the progress of the project. Regular assessment will happen which will ensure that the strategies will be regularly updated too.

Bring more proficiency

When making your in-house team strive to bring in the best digital marketing strategies, you may not have the best minds working on them. That is because most companies step back when hiring the top talents as they cannot afford to pay. The team of Digital Concepts is the one to count on when outsourcing the task. We have the best team working to match the requirements of the clients. We may offer you a team comprising of one talent who is a go-getter and see how things change. What’s even more interesting is that all this is possible within a fraction of the money you spend on the in-house staff.

Do away with your headaches

Do you know the latest buzz among the in-house staff working to promote your online presence? The chances are that you are already loaded with a pile of work. So, what’s the result? Staying in touch with your employees often turns into a headache, especially when it is something as crucial as your online presence. Why don’t you try to reach us? We will handle the entire task and leave you with lesser worries to handle. So, everyone from the top tier to the bottom tier will have more time to handle the non-core tasks. Just make sure the sales team is with the outsourcing company, especially when handling the content. The combination works to produce magical results.

What to expect from the team?

With limited work hours in your office every week, you will have lesser chances of asking for more. Your digital marketing team may make the best use of those hours but does it yield the output you desire? You may even prioritize the work of every member therein but even that won’t help you get anywhere. Making them work overtime may leave the employees exhausted. So, leave those moments for indispensable moments and devoid making it a long-term plan. The best alternative is to tie up with an outsourcing team that is way more productive than your in-house team. That way, you will get an opportunity to maintain the productivity level of your staff at an optimum level.

Flexibility is the key aspect

Most of the digital marketing agencies that deal with your projects have people specializing in specific tasks. So, you will find a lot of flexibility while working with them. While one of them may handle the SEO tasks, the other one may focus on web designing. Besides, you will have staff dedicated to content writing tasks.

Cope with direction and lack of focus

Whether it is a sheer lack of time, training, skills, or budget, all of them may take a toll on your online presence. Many of your team members may be freshers and the chances are that they may be working on boosting your online presence for the first time. If your internal team needs to handle a whole lot of work but does not have the skills needed for that, you may fail to cope with the trends. Instead of being pushed behind, bask in the glory of experts handling the tasks. We at Digital Concepts take pride in having a team with the utmost proficiency in focusing on the tasks. Similarly, showering the responsibilities on the internal team may mean that you need to take time to consolidate the digital strategy and fail to make it work due to a sheer lack of focus. Research shows that over 50% of organizations fail to develop clear strategies for digital marketing with the internal team. The result is obvious. Why don’t you also outsource the task to experts and find the difference? There is a lot less to crave when working with the experts.

Bring scalability home

Have you ever experienced the value of scalable marketing efforts? The only way to achieve this is to hire new talents. Unfortunately, mid-sized companies may find it hard to invest more in procuring new talents. If your internal budget is stopping you to turn your marketing efforts scalable, turn to us. We have helped several companies save money on the marketing initiatives and the other challenges of digital marketing. Sneak into our website and check our clientele as it speaks of the effectiveness of the strategies we prepare for the clients and the ROI we help them achieve. We have a pool of resources to let you scale above as soon as you are ready.

Challenges of finding individual talents

Bullhorn reports that over 60% of the companies suffer on their marketing front due to a shortage of resources. With the demand for digital marketing professionals growing each day, small and medium-sized companies may simply find it hard to hire the best talents. Most of them will hire the wrong person and lag in ROI. If you want to avoid mis-hires, connect with us to figure out the digital marketing anomalies.

So, now as you know about these advantages of outsourcing your digital marketing project, what are you waiting for? Pick up your phone and dial 98301 40672 or drop by our office in Kolkata and discuss the plan over a cup of coffee today!

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