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JAMstack and Headless WordPress: A Match Made in Heaven

By Mitali Purkait Ghosh on May 3, 2024

REST API was introduced to WordPress 4.7. Since then the CMS has taken the first step towards going headless. Headless WordPress is being adored by web devs and businesses are rapidly adopting it. However, there’s a new hero in town – JAMstack. What is it and how does it work with WordPress?

JAMstack is a web development architecture. Yes, it’s very powerful on its own, but it can also seamlessly complement headless WordPress. Together, they can make both websites and web apps faster, more secure, and more scalable. As an offshore WordPress development company, Digital Concepts can turn your headless dreams while being budget-friendly.

What is JAMstack?

JAMstack is a web development architecture with a key focus on static content that’s pre-rendered. It’s made of three main components:

1. JavaScript (JS)

Sites made with JAMstack harness the power of JavaScript to add a lot of dynamic elements and make the site more interactive. So, even if there’s pre-rendered static content, it doesn’t appear bland and uninspiring. 

2. Application Programming Interfaces (APIs)

Think of them as the glue that makes dynamic elements and features work seamlessly with static content. Headless WordPress uses the REST API for the same purpose. Hire our dedicated WordPress developers to make the most of a headless architecture and build a high-performing website.

3. Markup

JAMstack sites rely heavily on pre-rendered static content enabled by markup languages like CSS and HTML. Sometimes, JS frameworks like Vue or React are also used. This static content is the secret to delivering smooth sites that load within a few blinks.

Advantages of JAMstack:

  • Lightning-fast performance enabled by pre-rendered content. To casual users, webpages built with JAMstack load almost instantaneously since users don’t need to wait for content to be generated by the servers.
  • Enhanced security since code doesn’t get executed on the server side. So common attacks like SQL injection are ineffective and you can rest easy with fewer vulnerabilities.
  • Enhanced scalability in the face of massive traffic spikes. So, if you have an e-commerce store powered by JAMstack, you can deliver static content seamlessly to shoppers across the globe via a CDN. Our WordPress developers in Indiacan build a site that helps you deliver an incredible user experience to your users even in peak shopping season.
  • Save server costs since most of the content is pre-rendered and doesn’t require heavy computing power. So, even if you use irresistible lead magnets for an influx of new users, low resource utilization allows you to save a lot of money on servers.

How can JAMstack and Headless WordPress work together?

  • Use tools like Hugo, Gatsby, or Next.js to build JAMstack websites that generate static HTML files by fetching content from WordPress REST API.
  • Headless WordPress can act as an excellent content repository for your JAMstack site.
  • The combination of JAMstack and headless WordPress also allows for incremental static regeneration (ISR) with almost real-time updates to certain content sections on your website. For instance, if your blog gets frequent comments, you can leverage ISR to update the comment section without hampering the performance of the rest of your static site.
  • You can also balance out functionality and performance with a hybrid approach. For instance, for an online store, use headless WordPress for server-side rendering of user accounts and shopping carts (sections that require a lot of dynamic interactions and frequent updates). On the other hand, you can use JAMstack for product listings and blog posts (pre-rendered static content that doesn’t need to be changed too often).

Some of the biggest names in retail, e-commerce, and journalism have begun experimenting with JAMstack and Headless WordPress. Some have done so for phenomenal success. You can do the same with the help of a web development outsourcing company like Digital Concepts. Reach out to us at to learn more about our services.

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