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WooCommerce To Reduce Bounce Rate

Leverage WooCommerce To Minimize Bounce Rate : A Strategic Approach

By Mitali Purkait Ghosh on December 18, 2023

A bonce is recorded when a user finds and opens your website and then leaves it without generating additional requests. Bounce rate is very important for SEO and you must keep it low on your WooCommerce store to make sure that you get a consistent flow of traffic.

Your store needs to be optimized with intuitive design and website elements so that you can minimize bounce rates and send positive signals to the search engine. As a reputable offshore web development company in India, Digital Concepts has extensive experience refining WooCommerce stores and can help you achieve a low bounce rate to push your rank higher.

WooCommerce development services use these techniques to reduce bounce rate:

1. Content Is King

Content is and will always remain king. There’s just no way to beat high-quality content and that’s why websites that don’t compromise on churning out quality content consistently get the lion’s share of traffic. If you don’t have good content on your website, users would land on your webpage, scroll a bit, and simply hit the back button when they don’t find anything useful. You can reduce your bone rate by matching website content with user intent. That’s only possible when you have a niche. Writing unique and quality content for niche websites is easier since you can do more in-depth research. Research relevant keywords for your content and invite guest writers to contribute to your website. You may also consider adding video content since it increases user engagement and has a proven track record of minimizing bounce rates. Hire dedicated WooCommerce developers to make those integrations without increasing page load speed.

2. Kill Popups

If you’ve surfed the web for a bit, you’ve probably met those pesky popups. They’re so annoying that every millennial and the later generations download them on every personal device. On Chrome and Firefox, there are loads of them with hundreds of thousands of downloads. Popups disrupt and irritate, and since most people block them out, they won’t make you much ad money. The tiny ad cash you might get isn’t worth sacrificing your valued customers’ happiness for a lousy user experience. Instead, it’s best to get WooCommerce developers for hire and get rid of all pop-ups for a clean UI.

3. Maximize the use of white space

Minimalism has spiked the volume of white space across thousands of websites. In some cases, it may make your website look more aesthetic. “White space” is space that remains unutilized. It doesn’t have text, header, footer, or any other element. Conventional wisdom says that empty and underutilized space is wasted space on the website.

However, white space is all the rage for good reason. White space gives your eyes a break. It also allows your users some time to move on to the next content. You can use this design philosophy to direct your users to important sections of the webpage including CTAs(Call-To-Action). Our developers can help you adopt this design and reduce bounce rates drastically. Use the above-mentioned techniques to decrease your bounce rate and get the most out of your WooCommerce store. At Digital Concepts, our experienced developers can help you make these changes and a lot more to polish your online store. Dial +91 98301 40672 or click here to learn more about our offerings.

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