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Marketing automation trends

Marketing Automation Trends for 2023 to Increase Your ROI

By Mitali Purkait Ghosh on October 16, 2023

Businesses and finances change faster than you think and the credit goes to technological advancements and innovation. Marketing innovation is a field where researchers need to look for strategies out of which marketing automation is the best option. Although the digital marketing rules have stayed the same, the tools and techniques have changed drastically. Is marketing automation here to stay? Will this change in technology helps companies save time and money? At Digital Concepts, we will tell you how to maximize your efforts with automation. Do you want to stay at the top of the latest marketing automation trends, here is what you need to know?

1. Quality data

Quality is one of the key aspects of marketing. You need to know if the digital marketing strategy you implement works suitably for your target audience. Without that data, you cannot make the right decisions about your sites, CTAs, copy, and design. A rising trend of 2023 is upgrading the data with good scores. For instance, if your business scores automatically and scores the prospective leads automatically, it will surely impact the sales and marketing team automatically.

2. Performance-based marketing

When major social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Google fail to drive conversions and engage customers, businesses will look for alternative options like performance marketing networks or PMN, MediaMath, and TradeDesk. Whether it is resellers, affiliates, or online publishers, companies may focus on using these channels and focus on outcomes. The data-driven approach is here to stay and more businesses will follow suit.

3. Personalizing customer journeys

Customer engagement is essential and a majority of brands prefer seeing their customers interacting with them. But they need to feel assured that the agents care and are not only concerned about the completion of the sale. Customization becomes a massive challenge when the marketing team handles hundreds and thousands of accounts. Luckily, automation makes customer personalization easy and improves customer engagement, and tries to provide a unique experience to the customer.

4. Real-time platforms for messaging

Customers want their messages and queries to be addressed the moment it arrives at their doorstep. That is why real-time messaging platforms are likely to grow in popularity. Videos, for instance, are over 80% of all content streamed online and this trend will continue to impact content marketing to generate online visibility, lead generation, and customer support.

5. More creativity in approaches

A majority of businesses are already happening through digital channels but you need to cut through the noise. So, put your best efforts to make the marketing campaign creative. Leveraging user-generated content is the future of digital marketing wherein crowdsourcing is likely to generate ideas for outreach.

6. Funnel-optimized content

Marketing automation is here to stay and combines the best of both worlds. With the power of marketing automation, your business can create a personalized experience ad speak to readers directly. Want to make the most of this marketing funnel, create content optimized for this funnel to focus on various stages of the buying funnel and the queries that buyers generally have at this stage.

7. Machine learning and artificial intelligence

Machine learning and artificial intelligence are the maxims of marketing automation. So, if you want to stay at the top, invest in these strategies and develop the best marketing campaigns. These automation techniques will help you collect information about the audience and design the best marketing campaigns for them. Machine learning will help you gain user data and online behavior.

8. Chatbots

If you are yet to use chatbots, you may miss out on the best marketing trends. In 2023, chatbots will play a crucial role in revving up customer service and engagement.

9. Focus on Customer Lifetime Value

As brands compete for attention, it is easy to forget about customer experience. However, customers aren’t willing to make repeat purchases if you aren’t meeting their expectations or exceeding them constantly. That’s why businesses will segment users according to their changing behavior. They will implement a dynamic approach and use predictive customer lifetime value to identify user preferences and personalize marketing campaigns. Brands won’t shy away from using automation software to assess the value they can extract from a customer with various data points. Are you looking forward to taking marketing automation to new heights? Try to get the most out of automation and search marketing trends for 2023 and connect with us to ensure that you see the best results in your marketing campaigns. Email today if you are already feeling overwhelmed with these trends to increase your ROI.

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