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Improve Your Shopify Checkout Page with These 5 Easy Tips

By Mitali Purkait Ghosh on July 17, 2023

Are you a Shopify store owner struggling to improve the checkout process of your business? You must be aware that the checkout process of your store affects customer satisfaction and the conversion rates of your brand. Although Shopify has a simple and well-defined checkout process, it may not cover your needs adequately.

So, how do you rev up the checkout process of your Shopify store? Whether you want to add more features and offers to your site, you have come to the right place. Digital Concepts is one of the Shopify development services in Indiato offer full coverage for your business needs. Trust us for customizing the checkout page of your e-commerce store and also get practical insights about optimizing the checkout page from our skilled developers.

Here is how you can earn more and ace conversion rates by optimizing the Shopify checkout page.

1. Adding a background image to the banner

You know how important it is to showcase the banner along with the logo and other relevant tagline, on the top of the checkout page. All you need is to change the background image of the site’s banner to ensure that it aligns with your brand. Remember that every stage of the customer’s buying journey is important, including the checkout. So you need not lose the opportunity to showcase your brand better like adding a background image to the banner. Hire our Shopify developers for a quick discussion and find out how effective it is to change the banner image.

2. Create a breakdown of prices, shipping, and discounts

Research reveals that over 50% of people abandon their cart as they fail to understand when skimming through the pricing options. Here is the catch. As an offshore web development company in India, we recommend offering a complete breakdown of the actual price of the product, the taxes, and the shipping costs to allow customers to understand what they need to pay. You can provide full information about the costs and prevent users to abandon their carts.

3. Create urgency

When you are trying to convince potential customers to buy, the decision needs to be immediate and there is no chance for next time. Therefore, you need to create urgency in several different ways like showing limited stocks, offering limited discounts, adding free items for each purchase, or offering gifts. Try to showcase the gift on the checkout page and be sure to make it a one-time offer for better results. As a proficient Shopify website development service, we have offered recommendations to customize the Shopify checkout page and escalate the customer experience.

4. Add new functionality

Adding new functionality to the checkout is another way of boosting the conversion rate or revving up the order value. For instance, you can add custom content or offer a gift.

5. Make the theme responsive on the checkout page

The e-commerce shoppers interact with your website on the mobile phone and tablet more often than a desktop. That is why you need to personalize the checkout page for mobile users as well. Make sure to include different touch patterns and screen sizes. 

Are you ready to customize the checkout page with contrasting and specific features? At Digital Concepts, our Shopify web designer can spearhead the process of customization with a top-notch design and the developers offer tailored solutions to boost your sales. Visit us at https://www.digitalconcepts.in/our-services/e-commerce/shopify/ or email sales@digitalconcepts.in to schedule an appointment with us.

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