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PPC vs. SEO – What Will Bring You More ROI?

At our newly founded digital marketing agency, we are already getting many queries from our clients about whether it will be wise to invest in PPC or if SEO will be more beneficial to them. Now, to be honest with you, our experience says that often clients or the people who ask for our service are often at a loss to understand which is a better option for their business, owing to their lack of proper knowledge regarding the benefits and the real impact of these two ways of marketing. Hence, we decided to educate you, our dear reader, a bit about these two most popular avenues of digital marketing.

When you are searching for a digital marketing company for your business, you might get to know that the company you are choosing provides you with services like PPC and SEO along with other services. This might make you question which one is the best option for you. To be precise about what these services actually are, SEO is the organic way to pull up your website on the top of the search result while PPC is a way to buy link, a marketing way to invest in the website so that the advertisement appears on the top of the search result, attracting more clicks. Now, if you are wondering what you should put your money on, then take a look at the following points to know more.

Patience – the Game to Reach the Top

The main aim of digital marketing is to take the website on top of the search results. For that, if you are going to invest in SEO, then you must know that you have to be patient. SEO is an organic way to take the site on the top of the SERP while focusing on the relevant keywords and attract traffic to the website that will gradually increase with time. Needless to say, it will need time for this endeavor to work. However, PPC offers you faster results. You will have to run ads based on the keywords that will automatically make it appear at the top of the SERP, as long as you are investing in it. This will attract more clicks. However, once you stop the ad, it won’t benefit you anymore.

Cost Effectiveness

SEO is definitely the most cost-effective process for digital marketing. Regular work on the keywords and the relevant links will ensure more traffic that will increase with time at the minimum cost. However, in the case of PPC, you have to keep putting money on it as long as you want your ads to run. Once a user clicks on the link, money will be deducted from your linked account. It is a way to buy each link on the internet. However, there is no assurance that the user who is clicking will be the relevant target audience for the campaign or this lead would turn into a sale.

Bounce Rate and Relevance

Chances of bounce rate decrease with proper SEO techniques. Since with the keywords you are attracting the relevant users to your website, they will be interested in your products or service which will ensure more relevance and lesser bounce rate. However, in the case of PPC, any random user on the internet can click on the link as it appears on the top of the search result. But chances of those users to leave the site remains very high which eventually contributes to the higher bounce rate and lesser relevance.

You Need a Balance

All said and done, you cannot and should not go with one particular way of marketing. We would suggest you strike a balance between these two endeavors and use them wisely for your brand. If you are fortunate and your keywords appear in the top three results on SERP, then there is no need for PPC. However, if this is not the case for your business, then investing in PPC can generate traffic and sale while you can keep the users interested with your brand with regular SEO works.

If you are looking for professional help to find out what you need, SEO or PPC or both, then come to us at Digital Concept. Call us at +91 9830140672 now for more details.

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