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Tested Strategies to Promote Your Shopify Store and Drive Traffic

By Mitali Purkait Ghosh on April 7, 2023

You have done a lot to build your Shopify store but it lacks the zeal to attract your customers. You might be clueless about how to promote the store appropriately. There is no denying that a feature-rich user interface, affordable costs, and excellent support from merchants are some reasons why Shopify has come across as one of the best platforms.

But to make your business lucrative in the real sense and promote it among the target audience, you need expertise. Wondering where to hire Shopify developers?  You need not look anywhere with Digital Concepts by your side. We will help you optimize your store comprehensively and also offer a few strategies to attract customers to your store.

Here are ways to promote your Shopify store effortlessly with tips from experts.

1. Website optimization for search engines

You can start promoting your Shopify store through website optimization for various search engines. The aim should be to help those who are looking for relevant products and services on search engines. Without optimizing your store page for search engines, it will never appear for relevant searches or get qualified leads. Here are a few methods you can implement to optimize the store page:

  • Optimization for relevant keywords
  • Boosting the loading page and ensuring that it loads quickly
  • Optimize the meta description and title tag

As one of the Shopify website development services to address the audience’s needs, you can trust our developers to create Shopify sites that are SEO compliant and intend to bring more traffic.

2. Writing guest posts for blogs

Contrary to paid traffic coming from various sources, blogging is the way to go to drive traffic. New websites hardly get paid traffic; instead, they are into guest blogging. However, you won’t see the results instantly but, you can grow your audience base and get the most out of the opportunity to come to the forefront. Alongside, it gets you traffic and the links promote the SEO efforts. At Digital Concepts, we have a team of writers to write relevant posts who know the tricks to appeal to the audience.

3. Using PPC advertisements to enhance the leads

When it comes to effective promotion of your Shopify store, PPC advertisements are one of the ways. You won’t believe that PPC ads bring more revenue. To begin with, you need to pick keywords that appear for relevant search engine queries. Chances are you might miss the keywords that should come on the top as far as PPC services are concerned. We have PPC experts with the marketing insights needed to bring targeted traffic to your site. Hire our Google-certified consultants to get rewarding PPC strategies for your Shopify store.

4. Leveraging social media advertisements

One of the most profitable strategies to promote your Shopify store is leveraging social media advertising. With social media ads, you can reach the target market, especially those who would be interested in your business. Some of the social media platforms you can pick to make it to the target audience are Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn. Get a handful of recommendations from a web development outsourcing company and step ahead of the competition with ease.

Are you still wondering where to advertise Shopify store? Digital Concepts is the hub of Shopify experts and developers who know how to make your site appear on the top. Call +91 98301 40672 to speak to our Shopify experts and find out how to promote your store effortlessly.

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