Results and ROI - The Drivers for Digital Marketing Solutions

Results and ROI – The Drivers for Digital Marketing Solutions

The digital marketing industry is extending far and wide. There are hundreds of companies and thousands of freelancers who are joining this bandwagon every month. In this crowd with trends and strategies constantly shifting how does one sell digital marketing services? Or in other words how do we as a digital marketing agency show the value of treading this path to our clients. Interestingly we work in a market where several businesses try to DIY their campaign and others settle to work with freelancers who work with them at throwaway rates. This brings us to an important question – what is the incentive for a business to work with a professional agency over hiring a freelancer or simply managing the campaign on their own? This is where we approach a project methodically and do the following things –

Identifying & Articulating the Problem

While most freelancer run SEO campaigns or DIY campaigns give marginal results, clients tend to be happy seeing them. They often don’t see the missed opportunities with their campaign and enjoy the limited results they earn. This is where one of the most important parts of selling our digital marketing services is to help clients realise that they have a problem with their campaign. It may be dull and boring static pages on the site or the HTML code itself that is limiting their progress. Our experts carry out an in-depth audit of the site and articulate the problem in front of the clients with data and stats.

Suggesting Actionable Plan

As a digital marketing company we can suggest the most aggressive marketing campaign but is it palatable for the client? Does the client have the marketing budget to support such campaigns in the long run? We don’t believe in short bursts at glory but running a campaign that offers tangible results to our clients and lets them stay ahead of competition. This is why we always come up with an ‘actionable’ plan. We work on a plan that takes into consideration the client’s budget, competition and is mapped against the short and long term objectives.

Showing Results & ROI

This is where promises meet reputation. As an full service digital marketing agency we are as good as the results we offer our clients. The sole purpose of our digital marketing campaigns is to show measurable results to the clients. From increasing visibility to improving the conversion rates, the main aim of our campaign is to help clients meet their marketing goals. We adopt a methodical approach exploring the best practices which are in sync with the latest trends in the industry. The performance of the campaign is measured continuously to ensure it is in line with the intended goals.

That’s how we sell our digital marketing services in a highly competitive industry. If you have been looking to work with a seasoned team that can deliver results and ROI, Digital Concepts would fit into your bill perfectly. We have a team that has gained experience working on a variety of projects and keeps abreast with the latest trends in the world of digital marketing. Write to us at or simply buzz +91 98301 40672 and we shall discuss the project in details.

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