Seasonal SEO Strategies - Accelerate When Required

Seasonal SEO Strategies – Accelerate When Required

By Mitali Purkait Ghosh on December 31, 2018

Have you ever heard about the term seasonal SEO? Yes there is such a thing and it is proving to be effective. Businesses are increasingly using this as a strategy to drive sales. As the term suggest it is a strategy which is implemented seasonally and should be in sync with the regular campaign that you’d run. We at Digital Concepts have been running seasonal SEO campaigns for many of our clients and the results have been impressive.

As the best SEO services agency, we keep measuring the results of your campaign as this helps us understand your audiences’ needs and aspirations. Going deep into this data we are able to understand search queries that are specific to the season. For instance an online apparel store is likely to see the demand for tees and shorts to grow in the summer and coats and woollen to soar in sale during winters. The focus of our seasonal SEO campaign is always to add a second line of strategy that complements the main campaign and also leverages the changing demand in the market.

Why Is Seasonal SEO Important?

Most businesses are governed by seasonal factor. If you are in the fashion and apparel industry the holiday season generates bulk of your sales. Same is true for businesses that deal in gadgets and electronics. If you are in the hospitality business your sales and revenue would be seasonal. Seasonal SEO allows you to meet seasonal needs of your target customers and meet them better. Working with a professional SEO agency like us you can leverage seasonal demands to the maximum and stay ahead of your competitors by running an impressive campaign.

How Do We Do It?

  • Identify Trends & Intent

We start by identifying the changing trends in the market. In-depth keyword analysis allows us to identify the seasonal trends in audiences’ search queries. So if ‘cakes in New York’ has been driving traffic all through the year, during Christmas users are likely to search ‘Christmas cakes in New York’. We keep track of the trends and intent of the users to run this additional campaign.

  • Timing It Perfectly

There is hardly any point in topping search results for Black Friday sales in September or in the month of January. Along with the right keywords it is also important to get the timing right. We plan ahead of the season and make sure your site ranks on top of the results at the right time.

  • Use It Everywhere

Our Seasonal SEO strategy isn’t restricted to your website alone. We make sure it is used across the board such as in your PPC and Social Media Marketing strategy. This helps in getting maximum mileage out of your campaign and staying ahead of competitors on all fronts.

Has seasonal SEO already got you excited? It’s time to try this new strategy and enjoy maximum visibility when it matters the most for your business. At Digital Concepts we are among the fastest growing services agency and enjoy a proven track record. If you are looking for a Digital Marketing Company to partner with or want to outsource SEO projects then dial +91 98301 40672 or drop us an email at and we shall discuss the potential of seasonal SEO strategy further.

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