Winning Social Media Strategies to Boost your Hotel Revenue

Perk Up the Revenue of Your Hotel with These Winning Social Media Strategies

By Mitali Purkait Ghosh on July 22, 2022

Marketing practices are not equal across all industries and when it comes to hotels and resorts, you need to apply the tactics carefully. Businesses in the hospitality industry need to market uniquely if the impact is to be felt across the campaigns. The reason is that hotels sell high-end services for guests heading to different locations. As they come to stay with you solely, the social media marketing strategies you prepare need to resonate with your services. If you are a hotel owner looking to prepare proven social media marketing strategies, you are in the right place.

At Digital Concepts, you will come across experienced social media experts for hire. We have what it takes to provide the most effective and result-driven social media strategies for hotels that need to be marketed a bit differently. Our team considers every project a challenge and believes in treading the extra mile to provide the most satisfactory results. Let us look up ahead and check the winning strategies to perk up the revenue of your hotel.

1. Expose your face

One of the biggest reasons to rely on social media is its ability to expose the personal side of the business and the brand. Our social media marketing experts will help you create the biggest impact with a single face or many faces to your brand. Do not expose the business-oriented face but show the actual faces behind the establishment. It will help your business create a human connection and strengthen your relationship with the customers. For instance, we help you feature content in social media channels where the employees are shown interacting with the clients, and your business gets a human face.

2. Do not forget the influencers

For hotels and resorts, influencer marketing is the finest approach to improving social media presence. Not only does it broaden your reach to the prospects and boost the brand image but generates new content as well. Hotels may be the venue for an influencer’s event to make it appear in the guests’ content or their own content. Loyalty programs with influencers leveraging discounts come to help during promotional activities. When choosing influencers, keep in mind the target audience and ensure that they resonate with the population. If you want to get success with influencers on Instagram, hire Instagram marketing expert from us to extend your reach across the social media channels. 

3. Significance of competitor research and analytics

If you need a driving force behind your social media strategies and content, analytics of different kinds come to help. Once you know the aspects that matter, leverage that information and look into your analytics and competitors. For instance, if you find that your competitor promotes live local events regularly to engage the followers and how their food-related videos are gaining attention, capitalize on the information and create content for the audience to respond to. Our team uses the latest tools to show you how your competitors’ content across the social media channels, including the engagements on each post and the follower trends. You may eventually get those patterns that your audience desires.

4. Post exclusive content

Sharing content across different social media channels is important. At the same time, you need to offer something unique on each platform. That way, you will engage more followers with the hotel’s profiles on all those channels and establish the brand reputation. You need to offer insights that they won’t get on any other channel like snippets about new facilities and rooms, offer discounts, and engage the followers in picking the best features of the new services.

If you wish to create social media strategies based on the high and low seasons of your hotel or resort, our team at Digital Concepts will make sure that the campaign aligns with the goals. Call +91 98301 40672 to schedule an appointment with us and apply our strategies to maximize the impact on your revenue.

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