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The Evolution of Content Marketing Since the Outbreak of COVID19

By Mitali Purkait Ghosh on May 20, 2020

“Content is king,” this statement is still true even when the pandemic is wreaking havoc all around the world. When you are trying to remain afloat in the SERP results and want to stay in the mind of your target audience, content is the only way to survive. Unless your service or product is included in the list of essential items, it is unlikely that your consumers will be willing to visit your website these days. However, this doesn’t mean that you need to give up on them for now and wait until the crisis is over. Instead, take the plunge and make your consumers realize that you are there beside them during the crisis too, especially when they are not engaging with you directly.

Changing Priorities and Evolution of Content

The priorities of lives have changed almost completely for everyone. Hence, if you are a business providing relevant services or products, it is difficult for you to stay afloat. However, studies are showing that brands that are not remotely relevant to the situation are experiencing a rise of engagement through social media with the relevant content. And you can do that too. The experts of SEO content writing services in Digital Concepts are of the same opinion. Take a look at the following points to know how you can use content to evolve with the changing demands of the market owing to the pandemic.

  • Compassion and Establishing Trust

Accept it or not, the outbreak of COVID19 has brought people in a crucial juncture of their life where everything is uncertain. There is no guarantee that this situation will be over soon. And also, no one knows how the next normal will be once this crisis is over. In a situation like this, as a brand, you need to put the customers forward so that they can understand your compassion and can trust you. Sharing authentic information with the relevant data, offering educative content regularly, conveying strong messages of awareness are the most important things that a brand can do. From Nike to Starbucks, from McDonald’s to Olympic, everyone has conveyed the same messages of social distancing with appealing visual content. You can do the same with your brand too. Hire content writer to develop the relevant content for such a purpose.

  • Evolve Your Content According to the Demand

There is a massive rise in online courses across all educational websites and apps. The trending videos on YouTube are now about recipes and DIY videos along with the educational ones. In fact, the social media giant, Instagram has started its #LearnFromHome campaign every Tuesday where they are helping brands with tips to promote their businesses online with the platform. So, as you can see, these brands are evolving their content according to the present demand. As the audiences are constantly glued to their screen now, generating unique and relevant content has become a must, no matter how unprecedented the situation is.

  • Stay Flexible

The last line of the previous point brings us here to this point. Yes, the situation is unprecedented. In the past many decades, the world has never seen a crisis like this. Hence, whatever ideas, concepts, and timelines there were already planned, won’t work anymore. Also, the scenario is changing rapidly. Hence, if you are looking for the right way to stay relevant and provide the right content, you need to remain flexible too. Keep an eye on the customers’ behavior on your social media pages, on your website through Analytics and overall the market. Flexibility is the only way at the moment.

So, now, since you know how the evolution of content marketing is happening with the COVID19 outbreak, make sure you are making the right decisions. And if you are looking for expert content writing services to become the thought leader, then visit our website at or call us now at +91 98301 40672 for more details.

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