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Expert Tips to Boost Your SEO Performance with Google Analytics

By Mitali Purkait Ghosh on October 4, 2023

The market is full of options when you are searching for SEO tools. While Semrush and Ahrefs are big names for search analytics, Google Analytics is completely free and can provide you valuable insights when you use it properly. Website owners use Google Analytics on a daily basis. However, they don’t know how to leverage it to improve SEO. Most business owners prefer to outsource SEO tasks to a white label SEO agency in India to focus on more important things. Let’s check out the best Google Analytics tips to enhance SEO performance.

● Identify ages that boast high conversion and focus on them

The ultimate goal of every SEO campaign is to convert more visitors into customers. You can do that by focusing on the pages that drive conversions. Identify pages that don’t just get a high amount of organic traffic, but drive sales as well. You can do so by adding a Google Analytics add-on to Google Sheets. You can create detailed reports for tracking those lead-generating pages. Once you identify them, you can improve on-page SEO, decrease page-load speed, and take other measures to attract more organic traffic to those websites. However, this process can be very challenging for people without a technical background. As a white label local SEO agency, we can take on the challenge without affecting your bottom line.

● Add analytics to AMP pages

AMP(Accelerated Mobile Pages) is Google’s own platform to build snappy web pages with static content. It can enhance the user experience of your website for mobile users. By adding Google Analytics to AMP pages, you can also track how users interact with them. This feature is inaccessible for most website owners since it requires manual coding. Hiring a full-time web developer for such tasks is unaffordable for most small and medium-sized business owners. As a white label digital marketing company, we can help you with all your web development needs on a budget.

● Monitor site search

Most websites have a search bar on their website. It is pretty useful for searching for products, articles, or any other relevant information on the website. When combined with Google Analytics, it can also provide you with valuable insights about site users. Google Analytics can tell you whether the site search is working properly and if users are being redirected to a relevant section of the website. As a blog owner, you can figure out new content ideas from the search terms people are entering on your website. On the other hand, if you run an e-commerce store and get most of your traffic and conversions from site searches, you need to focus on improving that feature. You can also know about the most searched products or services on your website and push them to the forefront of your ad and SEO campaigns and promote them on your homepage.

● Content drilldown report

The Content Drilldown report is one of the least appreciated and under-utilized features of Google Analytics. It helps you to track and compare the performance of different sections of your website. The report has all the information about the average time users spend on different pages, bounce and exit rates, and other useful metrics. Our SEO team uses this report to figure out the top-performing pages and segments on your website and identify duplicate content. However, the task is tedious since you need to check all the sub-directories manually. As a white label agency, we can handle those tedious tasks for you and help you save valuable resources.

While it takes more effort, Google Analytics is a powerful tool that can help you obtain insights for supercharging your website’s SEO efforts. As a white label SEO outsourcing company, Digital Concepts can fulfill all your SEO needs and make your website outrank your competitors. Click here to get in touch with us or WhatsApp/Call us at +91 98301 40672.


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