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18 Tools to Own Up a Strong Content Marketing Game

By Mitali Purkait Ghosh on April 29, 2022

Are you looking for ways to prepare top notch 360° digital marketing strategy for your clients? Digital Concepts brings a list of powerful AI experts to aid you in creating a strong presence in the digital market. Creating high-quality content is one of the most important ways to connect with an audience. By engaging with your target market through continuous marketing, you will get more engagement from organic customers.

With our tool recommendations, you will be able to one up to your competitors and become the king of digital marketing. At DC, our experienced team members have been using these tools for a long time now and have been able to establish great output for our clients. Tbh, we are sharing our secrets!

Want to know what these tools are? Keep reading for more!


Although it is known to be an SEO tool, nonexperts too can use it efficiently! All you need to do is enter the URL or keywords related to your content. This tool will show you how the keywords are trending online and the most asked questions related to them. This way your content writers can easily build a topic, answering the solution of the public to get maximum views online. Apart from that you will get to know about the website status, what it lacks and so much more.

Answer the Public

This is like a reverse search engine. All you have to do is enter your chosen keywords and instead of results, you will get the questions aligned with your keyword. This way you will get a fair idea about what the audience is looking for on the internet. Writers who frame their questions based on this will be able to provide the solutions the audience is looking for.

Google Trends

This data exploration tool is a personal favorite of our team. You can easily see what’s ‘hot’ on the internet at the moment. This way your content can get aligned with what your target audience is interested in. Planning your strategy this way will surely bring in more quality traffic.

Content Management and Creation Tools

After the research and planning, it is time to create content! Now, there is a variety of content that can be created by using this tool and will help you immensely to attract your audience.


This is the best tool to analyze trending content. It helps you to detect the most trending posts for any domain, author or topic easily. Not only does it give data-driven insights into popular topics, but also helps you to see what your competitors are doing. It does come with a limited free of charge plan but to use it to its fullest capacity, do an upgrade like us!

Content Curation Tools

Assembling content to enlighten or inspire your travel audience is called curation. While curating content you must search the internet for the strongest ideas! Using these two tools will help-


It is an epic social media manager. When you have a digital business, it is only natural for you to want traffic on all social media platforms. This tool will help with that. It tracks all trends judiciously so that your business only publishes, curates and schedules such posts which your audience would want to see. It does have a paid plan but you can use it for 2 weeks as a trial.


You can manage multiple social media accounts from one location using this. Not only does it plan and publish your content but also keeps a check on your performance. Your team can easily engage with top customers to build good networking. You can use its follow-up feature to see your most visible post too.

Content Writing Tools

To produce quality content, it needs to be error-free. To make your content shine and be credible use-


It’s one of the strongest grammar and spelling checkers. The tool is aligned with Word so there is no issue with Windows compatibility. It is also available with a Chrome plugin. Each time that you write content online, your language, spelling and grammar will get thoroughly checked. It’s almost like an editor helping you out. Our expert writers benefit greatly from this tool and we have happy clients for this too!


After writing the content, you need to check the plagiarism level too. This tool helps you to escape unintended plagiarism smoothly. All you have to do is paste your content on the tool and hit the Search tab. Within seconds you will get to know how original your content is and whether it will be beneficial for your business online. We use the paid version to get access to check all type of contents.

Yoast SEO

It will help you to optimize your on-page SEO content. It gives a great readability analysis that scores your content with the Flesch reading scale. Your content needs to be highly readable by your target market. If they don’t understand your content, there is no use in getting such write-ups on your company page. Checking your content with this tool will bring a live checking of readability and SEO.


Your content has to get accepted by the readers to make your business rank. For those using the software, this tool is the best way out. This tool is mostly useful for essays, articles, blog posts, social media posts and so much more. You can easily check the readability score on the right-hand side. Also, it will highlight areas that need improvement too. And the best part, it’s completely Free!!

Analytics Tools

An important part of digital marketing is analytics tools. To get ahead of the social media game, you have to use the extensive data provided by these tools. Some of our favorites are-

Facebook Analytics

This will provide a detailed insight into the performance of your social media posts. It will show actions on Page reviews, Page views, likes, reach, engagement, recommendations and so much more. You can understand a lot of what your audience likes and dislikes from this tool. Once you crack the code of what is working for your target market and what isn’t, your customer rate will increase rapidly.


This sturdy tooklhas helped us make many of our clients happy! Needless to say, this helping hand is our favorite-st! It contains all the important features of web analytics software. They have brought in a new feature called engagement metrics that will help you know who your audience is. It provides you with details about the visitors who came to your page and the ones who interact the most. By engaging with those customers, your stake will increase.

Tools to Generate Leads

These tools will guarantee to entice tour target market to buy your products and services. At the end of the day, efficient use of lead generation tools will bring high-quality authentic traffic to your websites. Some of our favorites are-

Audiense Insights

This Facebook tool will help you to reach the right audience smoothly. It will search hundreds of profiles just for your business to increase its online sales. This tool will show you in detail who your audience is, what they want, and where they are from. Such insightful data will surely help you in digital growth rapidly.


By using this tool, you can publish sign-up forms and leads campaigns automatically! Not only that, you can automate emails too via this tool. It gives you an analytical dashboard to show you the exact audience who has opened the automated emails. This tool is very easy to align with WordPress too. Now, there is a paid version of this tool but you can easily use it to send mails to two thousand contacts and ten thousand sends per month without any glitches.


This is an advanced Chatbot that reaches and texts your potential customers and current customers easily. With this, you can send a chat blast to thousands of audiences through Facebook messenger within 5 minutes!

Visual Tools

This tool is essential for any social media marketing strategy. Some of our picks are-


This tool is used by almost all businesses even non-marketing ones. You don’t need a design background to use this tool! It will offer a lot of trending and eye-catchy templates to create social media posts, presentations, videos, etc. Your audience will get easily enchanted with your business after watching your Canva-made posts.


Make your GIFs with Giphy! All it takes is uploading a picture and adjusting some features. Voila! Your audience will start engaging and loving your content more than ever before!


Uploading a video with a wide range of video templates has been made easy with InVideo. Just pick any of the templates that catch your fancy and start recording. You can also integrate cool pictures along with it easily.

Now, that you understand how different tools can get utilized to level up website traffic, it will be easier for you to reach more potential customers. If you are looking to partner with a digital marketing company for your upcoming projects, contact our team at now or call +91 9830140672! We use all of the above-mentioned tools and so much more to bring your business ahead of your competitors!

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