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Typography Trends in Web Design 2024

The Most Sought-After Typography Trends in Web Design 2024

By Mitali Purkait Ghosh on March 6, 2024

The website is the mirror of your business’ online presence. Unfortunately, being together with billions of other players online is a slippery slope indeed. A business may have a lot of unique offerings to present but ensure that you are heard that uniquely, your web design needs to exalt.

One of the trends that are all set to make web design exceptional is the integration of typography. By adopting this trend, you will have plenty of options to add an interesting variation to your otherwise lifeless website (that is what it becomes eventually).  It is not a very big change but altering the arrangement of letters, changing how they are presented, and also tweaking the style of the web page. In 2023, typography trends experienced a grand success with several creative fonts dominating web designs and the trend will continue in 2024 as well. At Digital Concepts, we bring the highest levels of creative skills to make web designs more intuitive. A team of seasoned designers and WordPress experts for hire have what it takes to enhance engagement. So, you can trust us to boost your web design in 2024

Let’s dive into the most prominent typography trends in web design and learn more from  website design and development trends in 2024.

1. Bold letters and blaring fonts

The first and the most important typography trend you are to make note of are bold letters and noticeable fonts. With this trend, websites are easier to project and businesses can cut through the noise in the online world effortlessly. Professional designers need to add a splash of contrasting shades in the background to make sure that the boldness attracts the audience. Another reason to create bold letters and boisterous fonts is that your website becomes accessible to several users. It all depends on what the size of the letters needs to be. The arrangements of letters and fonts must encourage your audience to read through and find what’s on offer. Why don’t you hire a dedicated WordPress developer to implement this trend in your website as well and make it look more professional?

2. Three-dimensional effects

With 3D typography, the visual ability of your website takes leaps and bounds besides boosting its volume and depth. Web designers look around for designs and styles to make websites more succinct as well as picturesque. Imagine viewing Mount Everest in a picture.  The more the visual appeal more the visitors thronging your website. With immersive experiences like VR and AR taking to the stage more prominently, using 3D typography implies that your website stands out in the crowd. Discuss with a custom WordPress development company for more insights.

3. Animation in typography

If you aren’t yet familiar with the prospect of animation in typography, you have got to be in 2024. The world of web designing is not an exception when it comes to using animated typography. Check Google’s Doodles to pour into the ways how animation in typography may create waves. However, the implementation may not be effortless, so you need professional web designers to do things the right way to ensure that content looks appealing and seems exciting to users. Above all, communicate with a WordPress development company in India get more clarity on the outcome of this merge.

4. Handwritten styles

Remember how a few of your friends in school knew how to write in calligraphy fonts? A similar approach is now taking web design by storm and that’s artistic or hand lettering styles for websites. All that the designer needs to do is draw the letter format and then style it with a handwritten pattern. A lot of artwork seems to be in the limelight vis-à-vis web design trends in 2024.

5. Monospacing

How about making all the website characters of the same width? Choosing a font where characters have a fixed width. Here comes monospaced font that was once used in typewriters and has now entered the web design arena. Such text seems easier to sort and read, making website design focused on accessibility.

6. Including color in typefaces

Gone are the days of black and white and the world of classic typography. However, classicism will blend with modernism in this year’s web design trends but the one difference that’s lurking everywhere is the dash of colors. You must be familiar with the implementation of dark mode in websites. There is no denying the colors truly attract people but when choosing the shades, don’t create a clash. Pick from simple hues that will leave a lasting impression on the users.

Check these popular trends that are slated to rule the web design world in 2024. The only thing that designers need to keep in mind is that the integration of typography in websites needs to be service-specific. Find out what’s most appropriate for your website during implementation from Digital Concepts, a web development outsourcing company in India of repute. Give us a buzz at +91 98301 40672 to learn more about our expertise in web design and development and to schedule an appointment.

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