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Want to Automate and Recycle Your Social Media Posts? These 3 Tools will Help You

By Mitali Purkait Ghosh on July 19, 2018

If you wish to maximize your reach on social media organically, then you must know that it won’t be easy. Since there are thousands of posts and shares that come to life on social media each minute, it becomes very easy for a content to go out of notice within no time. If you are thinking that regular engagement will make it visible again, then let us tell you, it is not an effective way either. If you find that a post is particularly doing really well and playing a pivotal role in increasing traffic, visitor, conversion or leads, then you must think of recycling it again. However, there is a catch too. In Facebook or social media algorithm, friends are more preferred than businesses which make it quite difficult for you to the top of the feed whenever you recycle the post. In this case, you need a definite strategy to make it work for you.

Social media is a very overwhelming place. It is easy to forget about the reporting job when there is always something new is coming up. So, when you are planning a strategy for recycling your older posts, it is necessary that you consider this part too. Alongside if you are thinking of recycling older posts, you must consider that the whole task is quite time-consuming. There are a lot of things that you have to do like visiting different social media platforms and scheduling the posts regularly. To save you from all these troubles and make the process faster, there are a few tools that can be really helpful for you. Take a look at the following tools and you are ready to get maximum mileage out of your older posts

Meet Edgar

This is one of the best tools to work on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. You can fill up the unlimited content library with your images and videos. It provides you the facility of separating the categories like promotional images, quotes, and other categories. You just need to set up a recurring schedule and the tool will do the rest for you. It will post according to the schedule until you press pause or delete. You can choose expiration option beforehand that will automatically delete the older posts which you might want to delete later. This widely popular tool is now expecting to add Instagram and Pinterest functionality too.


Are you still in a dilemma whether you should automate the posts or not? Are you wondering which is the best tool , cost efficient as well as fine for the limited numbers of account? If yes, then Recurpost is the right tool for you. Though the functions are similar to that of Meet Edgar, yet it lacks the features like native posting of videos or RSS feed with other content to fill the library. However, if your only goal is to recycle the posts, this is the best option for you.


For smart scheduling, Buffer is a top contender of Hoot Suite or Social Sprout. Though it doesn’t boats of a content library to store the contents you want to recycle, yet the features of scheduling can be helpful for you. If you want to cut your time short for scheduling posts, Buffer is what you need.

So, now that you know about these three tools, start using them to automate and recycle your social media content. And if you want professional help with your SMM, then come to us at Digital Concept. Or you can give us a call at +91 9830140672 too for more details.

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