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Watch Out For These Trends to Stay Ahead Of Competition with Digital Marketing In 2019

By Mitali Purkait Ghosh on January 9, 2019

A New Year always signals new changes in the world of digital marketing. This market has evolved so fast that some strategies that are used no longer seem to be from a different era. Gone are the days when marketers would stuff content with even remotely related keywords (it did pay dividends once upon a time) or simply have an assembly line production of content. Being a digital marketing agency – we have seen it all. Enough of walking back in time and let’s now focus on the future. What are the strategies that need to be a part of your campaign in 2019? What trends do you need to follow for the year? Let’s find out –

# Videos and more videos…

We have been talking about this for few years now but it surely is worth mentioning the importance of videos as a part of your digital marketing strategy. With increase bandwidths and faster connectivity around the world videos have become the best way to communicate with your target audience. And people are spending as much time of YouTube and other similar platforms as they would do reading blogs few years back. Since videos present to you a more interpersonal means of communicating, you can revitalize your marketing strategy using videos. They offer you more creative options to play around with and deliver your message in a strong and powerful way. If you already own a popular blog, embedding videos would perfectly complement it. But it is one trend that you shouldn’t brush under the carpet any more.

# Influencer marketing is going to be hot…

You may have already heard about in the last few years but it would perhaps be the inflection point for this strategy in your overall marketing campaign. If you haven’t heard about it – influencer marketing is an old-world word-of-mouth marketing which is done digitally. Here people who have followers in the social world and have in-depth over a certain products or services can help businesses promote their products and services within the community. We have used this as a part of our digital marketing services mix in some projects and the results have really been encouraging. With increasing number of Vloggers and Instagram stars building their niche followers the opportunity with this strategy is immense. However, before approaching the influencers do check the authenticity of their activities and graphs.

# Voice Search – Siri, Alexa and more…

Do you talk to Siri or Alexa before you talk to your partner every morning? That’s bad for a healthy relationship! Jokes apart, voice searches are growing in popularity as they are growing in numbers. If desktop searches had been outsmarted by mobile searches over the last few years the next evolution may lead to voice based searches. The logic is when you can ask why you would bother to type. But voice searches tend to be more conversational compared to traditional type based search on browsers. In fact we have witnessed a sharp increase in the share of long tail conversational search phrases over the last few years and voice based search would only take it to the newer heights. Hence you need to make sure your digital marketing campaign is aligned to voice based searches also.

# Saying it as a story…

We all love hearing stories, don’t we? Instead of bars and graphs describing the journey of a product or brand most people would like listening to anecdotes. You find them all around on the social media where everyone from entrepreneurs who have netted billion dollars to your next-door neighbours who aspires to be the next Steve Jobs is sharing their stores. It is a nice way to promote a brand and strike an emotional chord with your audience. While the benefits of sharing stories may not be as much, in terms of rankings and traffic they surely help you build relationship and trust with your audience.

The year 2019 would surely be an exciting year in the digital marketing. Apart from what you are doing currently, your digital marketing campaign would have to be built around the trends we have discussed above. If you wish to push your brand up the success ladder and monetize your web presence you can give us a buzz at +91 98301 40672 or drop us an email at sales@digitalconcepts.in.

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