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What you need to focus on with Digital Marketing Services Going Forward?

By Mitali Purkait Ghosh on December 3, 2018

Change is the only constant as far as digital marketing services are concerned. What worked even six months back may offer you diminishing returns now. Being an entrepreneur you need to swim with the tide and embrace the latest trends in the industry. As a digital marketing agency we are often asked about things we focus on to leverage the market and its dynamic character. Our answer is never the same as every few months or we face new challenges and come across new opportunities. As we write this piece these are some of the things that we as a digital marketing company are focussing on and these strategies will hold you in good stead in the near future –

  • Are your leads relevant?
  • You need to stop boasting about the number of leads and email ids you have in your database if you don’t witness interactions with your email or other outbound marketing campaign. The days of most, maximum and highest are long gone. In the era of hyper-targeted marketing you need to focus on relevancy with lead generation. This will help you segregate your audience and run the most targeted campaigns.

  • Capturing Attention Equals To Success
  • There is information snarl these days in the world of internet marketing, much like you see in the road of busy cities. People are overwhelmed with marketing campaigns running all around them and attention spans have dropped to historic low. In such a scenario, grabbing attention is the ultimate yardstick of success. This also creates a new opportunity for your business as most of your audience doesn’t have the time to read and review through multiple campaigns. If you capture attention it can easily translate into a sale of customer acquisition.

  • Be Everywhere
  • You know the meaning of being omnipresent, don’t you? Well, this is the formula for success in today’s market. So if you have identified your target audience you need to always be front of their eyes. From search engine to social media your target audience needs to find you everywhere. Some would ignore you, some would hate you but there are some who would embrace you with open arms and you must focus on them.

  • Multi-platform Dominance
  • Are you rocking with your Facebook campaign? Great but don’t sit on your laurels and start focusing on other platforms – YouTube, Twitter, Instagram et al. The reason? YouTube fans are different from those who can’t sleep without their daily dose of Facebook or Instagram. By not being active on any of these platforms you are saying no to these users.

  • Turn Marketing Funnel into Experience Funnel
  • Traditional marketing funnel was centred on the idea of filtering out users till you reach your target audience in a step-by-step manner. It doesn’t work anymore as most users go through similar funnels every day. You should rather focus on turning the whole thing into an experience where instead of filtering users you offer them relevant information. This helps in building trust and association for the future.

  • ROI Isn’t The Only Measure of Success

ROI is the easiest thing for any digital marketing agency to sell – ads spend versus leads, marketing budget versus sales etc. etc. But you also need to focus on your invisible customers or rather people who are likely to be your customers in the future. This is something that can’t be quantified using ROI metrics but it can help you build a market for the future.

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