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11 Best WordPress Plugins for Managing Front End Posts

By Mitali Purkait Ghosh on October 16, 2023

Whether it is managing a website, blog, or portfolio, WordPress is indeed an excellent platform that’s also SEO-friendly. But there are several limitations that it poses when it comes to content management. Do you know the reason? Well, a majority of these tasks are managed from the backend of the blog. What does it mean? Even if you do small edits or post on the page quickly, you need to do everything from the backend. Now that is one hell of a problem. From switching themes to creating new posts, a multitude of tasks in the WordPress platform needs to be managed from the backend

Now, wouldn’t it be much better if you manage these tasks from the frontend? Yes, you heard it right. But how is this even possible? Thank the plugins and get the most out of the easy user interface of the WordPress platform. If you have been looking for easy posting solutions on this platform, get help from professional WordPress development services. At Digital Concepts, you can explore advanced solutions and strike a balance between aesthetics and functionality with WordPress website designs to help you move ahead in the competitive marketplace. Here are 10 plugins to pick for posting. With these plugins, anyone can post and edit content on your site without worrying about sharing the WordPress dashboard.

1. WP User Frontend

WP User Frontend is a free plugin that allows users to post content rather easily and effortlessly. With the help of this tool, users of WordPress can easily create new posts and edit them as well, and all of them from the front end of the site. As mentioned previously, you need not give the user access to the main dashboard for posting and editing content. Further to this, the admin can let the post go live on the website, keep it in the drafts or create its status. Apart from setting status, the admin will have the opportunity to create user levels in the main dashboard. So, you have a plethora of options to make your post look attractive.

2. AccessPress Anonymous Post Pro

The AccessPress Anonymous Post Pro is another plugin you can call user-friendly and provides you the ease of posting user-published content. Like its name, this plugin does not require the user to reveal the name and the URL but they may use a feature to include those details if they are keen about it. If you prefer anonymity, this one is for you. For speedy websites looking forward to posting user-published content equally fast and there are not many complications to be handled, this plugin is one of the best choices. To stay safe from spam, you need to enable a CAPTCHA from the settings page of the plugin. Wondering how to install a plugin? Why don’t you hire WordPress developer in India to make content posting and editing more friendly?

3. EDD Frontend Submissions

Easy Digital Downloads (EDD) is already renowned as an eCommerce plugins. However, their Frontend Submissions extension lets you create entire marketplaces with ease. You can create a website like Amazon for your niche. This plugin lets you build a website where vendors can create unique digital products, sell them, interact with their customers, and check on their profits from the front end.

4. Helpie WP

For the leaders of niche segments trying to coordinate with others, Helpie WP is of immense use. Thanks to its frontend feature for posting. With this tool, make the product documents, wiki pages, and knowledge bases live. If you are the owner of the site, you will still have control over who can publish, view and edit as well as provide approval for posting as an article, on the global level, or as a topic.

5. Front End Post Submission Manager Lite

The Front End Post Submission Manager Lite is not just for publishing content but it also takes guest posts from anonymous authors. Besides, you can pick this one to create a news site, classified site, job board, directories, and book store.

6. Frontend Publishing Pro

This is among the premium plugins for the WordPress site for publishing posts from the front end. It is an all-in-one solution to easily create a submission form and make it easy for your users to follow. However, if you are not a pro and want to know how to get started or need help installing this plugin, hire WordPress developer and you are good to go.

7. Ninja Forms

Sounds like an exciting game? Oh well, this plugin used for frontend post submission makes things easy like games without reverting to the backend. Apart from managing standard posts with a whole lot of features, guest users can also add tags, categories, and blog titles.

8. Front End Theme Switcher

With Front End Theme Switcher, you can easily add a drop-down menu to the blog in one location to allow the visitors to change the theme of your blog. Overall, the plugin will not let you stay restricted to just one theme and the online visitors can choose any option to change the look.

9. DJD Site Post

Do you want guest posts for your blog? Use the DJD Site Post plugin to add a responsive front-end editor. Therefore, the guests can easily write posts without having to take the trouble of switching to the backend. Added to it is the translation option.

10. Elementor

If you are looking for a content-building opportunity and a free page, you need to choose Elementor. It is a powerful plugin with content-building abilities like headings, spacing, columns, lists, and various other features. Apart from this, the plugin also comes with pre-built templates to get started quickly and an option for custom CSS.  For coding experts, Elementor is open-source, so make a few changes if you feel.

11. MemberPress

Looking to add memberships to your website and provide tiered access and control to the users? MemberPress is the best plugin for the job. If you have a high-authority niche blog and want to have a premium and free tier for guest posters, you can do so with MemberPass. You can even set the access level for your users to other sections and features of your website. Your users would be able to share content, access forums, and more depending on their membership tier.

Think about users posting to your site directly from the front end and you will get a jolt. The reason is you won’t know what they will share by the time you check the content. If you want to skip this speculation and constant fear, use MemberPassto create membership tiers and allow full access to only trusted posters. Are you ready to pick a suitable front-end plugin for your WordPress site? Why don’t you get in touch with a WordPress web development service to make your website compliant for installing these plugins? Digital Concepts is your one-stop shop destination where you come across seasoned WordPress developers to engage your users.

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