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Top 4 Deadly Mistakes to Avoid in SEO Content Writing

By Mitali Purkait Ghosh on January 7, 2022

There are many rules and regulations that your writer has to abide by if they want to become successful content writers. It is not false to say that the job is taxing and tough. Nothing about creating every sentence on one’s own is easy. Dealing with the complexities of SEO content writing, they are bound to make mistakes. Since the world is still reeling with the Covid-19 after effects, it is becoming increasingly difficult to understand consumer requirements. 

How do you provide comprehensive content writing services to a majority of consumers in these times? What is more difficult is to write error-free content. General content writing can be divided into various sub-types. All of these sub-types have different styles and ways to write. On top of that, one has to take care of consumer-centric writing. We, at Digital Concepts, have discussed here the common mistakes that content writers and copywriters make in their content. These mistakes are easily identifiable so you can instruct your writers accordingly without wasting a lot of hours. These deadly mistakes are-

Absence of a pitch in the Introduction

It cannot be stressed enough that the visitors of any website will judge the entire piece of content by reading the introductory paragraph. Companies irrespective of their scale, have observed that current customers or potential customers bounce back from blogs, articles, social media posts immediately if they do not understand the pitch of the content. It is important for every writer when they provide content writing services to recheck their first paragraph to ensure that the reader understands the need and intent of writing that particular content. 

If you continue to work with disengaging and confusing writing, your website’s SEO health will see a decline. So, when you hire a writer, make them understand the importance of the first paragraph.

Using Informal Tones

At times, when you read an article or blog of a content writer, you might feel it is too formal. Is it a big deal? We say yes! Gone are the days when writing was supposed to be only informative and formal. No direct contact was supposed to be established with the reader. Today, every reader wants to feel connected with everything they read. If your website contains tones of formality, it is time to instruct your writers to change it. Sentences like ‘Hey, looking for…’ will work wonders. Especially in terms of copywriting, hire a copywriter who understands the terms and language of the internet.

Skipping Proofreading

Does it make your writers feel embarrassed when you ask them to proofread? If it does, it is time to sit with them to explain the terrible results of not proofreading. Every visitor on your page is looking for quality content minus sloppy sentences. Once they figure out grammatical errors, there are fewer chances that they will visit again. Make sure that your writers are aware of this alarming situation and they understand the need to proofread.

Using Slang or Unnecessary Words

If your company is providing content writing services and your writer is involving slang language in the write-up, your customers are going to be pissed. You have to make sure that meaningless words, slangs, etc. are avoided at all costs. It has the potential to ruin your future customers from availing of your services. Isn’t content writing/copywriting a tricky business? Not with us. We at Digital Concepts provide 100% quality content for your company. Our writers take care of all your concerns and ensure that your traffic increases with every write-up. Visit https://www.digitalconcepts.in/ or call +91 98301 40672 now.

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