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5 Reasons Why You Need to Prepare Customer-Centric Content During the Pandemic

If you search on the internet, you will only find every brand is talking about Coronavirus, irrespective of their industries and the services/products that they offer. It is not a thoughtless trend. The industry leaders in digital marketing are doing it as they are feeling the urge to addressing the issue more.

The Usual Dilemma of Content Marketer During This Crisis

Now, when this is a trend, it becomes difficult in a scenario to maintain the uniqueness of your content while appearing at the top of the search results. There are volumes of content on a single topic, for example, “how COVID-19 is impacting ecommerce” and fifty more variations of it. It is the same thread of data as well as the same information that is circulating everywhere. And it is needless to say that in a very short time, even the relevant users will lose interest too. So, it becomes imperative that you come up with content that stands out from the crowd of similar ones. Hire a copywriter from us, Digital Concept, who can help you with that.

So, if you are trying to find a way out of this mayhem and doing everything to rise above even in this global pandemic and economic crisis, you must take inspiration from the industry leaders on how they are tackling this problem. Our team of expert writers, offering comprehensive content writing services, is sharing their insights too. Take a look at the following points to know more.

Close Monitoring and Analysis in Content Creation

This is a strategy that the industry giant Hubspot is following presently. In the past few weeks or perhaps one month, the whole world and all the businesses across industries have seen the unprecedented challenges that have been never there before. After all, pandemic doesn’t happen every now and then. That is why delivering high-quality relevant content has become so important right now. Hence, you must hire content writer who can do that on your behalf. Also, as the experts from Hubspot think that the content strategy has to be changed completely and has to remain flexible. With the rapidly changing environment and the fast altering demands of the audience, this week’s information is losing relevance the next week. So, change in SEO content writing is necessary. You need to follow these three tactics,

Focus on Relevance According to Specific Industries

A brand like KoMarketing is supporting this theory. It might sound confusing. But currently, this is the way to go. You can never appear tone-deaf and come up with completely industry-specific content that has no relevance with the present situation. Also, you cannot go along with the bandwagon of sharing general research data and information that are available to everyone. To remain unique, hire a writer and offer relevant content according to the specific industry. For example, if you are in healthcare, don’t just talk about prevention and symptoms. Write on content that can help people get the knowledge of how your hospitals are fighting this crisis. If you are in food, focus on how you are offering sanitized food and taking care of hygiene at your eatery. Remain proactive with the content rather than being reacting and uncertain about when to publish.

Provide Authentic Data and Resource

It is not at all a secret that when you are adding data and information in your content, it surely appeals more to the audience. So, when you are planning to get maximum visibility, it is necessary that you think of adding research resources, data, figures and case studies in your content. Companies like Ascend2 are advocating this step quite religiously. This helps in generating data, influencing ideas, strategizing and decision making. Our specialist website content writer can create the content that can address this necessity.

Striking Balance

As per the experts of the Conductor have said, they have already posted content on how COVID-19 has left its impact on the industries and markets. Now, what should be the next step? Yes, as your social responsibilities go for, address the issue of this global crisis in your content. But at the same time,it is completely okay if your content is not about Coronavirus. You are a business owner and it is alright if you want to promote what you offer. So, strike a balance between content on COVID-19 and the content that doesn’t talk about the virus.

In a Nutshell

So, from all these opinions and discussions, our takeaways are the following points,

  • Maintain your regular publishing schedule and remain flexible.
  • Do go for over-the-top promotions.
  • Review scheduled content to find out if they are appropriate and relevant.
  • Test the uniqueness and relevance.
  • Use research and data to support your content
  • Keep the long-term SEO goals in mind

So, now as you know how industry leaders are tackling content, SEO and customers during the global pandemic, get inspired by them and choose the right path for yourself. And if you are looking for copywriting services, then come to us at Digital Concepts. Visit or call at +91 98301 40672 now.

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