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Grey Hat SEO Techniques

4 Grey Hat SEO Techniques You Must Avoid in 2020

Since the inception of SEO till today, it has come a long way. Things have radically changed for the market. With regular updates from Google and more refinement of the marketing techniques, it has become nearly impossible to keep up with the strategies that have been around for years. To keep up with the newest trends and Google updates, it has become necessary to get rid of the grey hat SEO techniques that you have been following all this time.

If you are hiring a reputed SEO agency offering internet marketing service India, they will suggest you get rid of the following SEO techniques that are outdated now. If you keep implementing them in your strategies, it is more likely that your website will be penalized. Our experts at Digital Concepts have come up with the following list that you need to keep in mind. Take a look.

Keyword Stuffing

Used many years ago, this technique was a popular one to rank the website on the SERP. Using too many keywords in the website content, articles, blogs, press releases, and meta tags used to be the norm. But now, things have changed completely. With the updates released by Google, it has become imperative to create content that will be unique and informative. And it should not be on-your-face promotional with too many irrelevant keyword placements. So, if you are still following this technique, then you are risking your website for being penalized.

Getting Overboard with H1 Titles

Generally, one web page should have only one H1 tag. H1 tag preferably contains the keyword or the key phrase. But often the site owners become too tempted and add multiple H1 tags that will contain more keywords and this ultimately becomes keyword stuffing. The consequences are the same as mentioned in the previous point. When you are stuffing too many keywords in the content using multiple H1 tags, it is a grey hat SEO technique that can put your website at risk. Any best SEO company will ask you not to do this.

Content Spinning and Duplicate Content

Article spinning is a hack that has been around for a long time. There areseveral article-spinning software that can help you spin the article by reorganizing the sentences and make the article look like a new one. However, a spun article is always of poor quality and has many grammatical errors. Now, with more and more updates, Google has become smart and intuitive enough to figure out which one is a unique article and which one is not. And that is why if you are still using an article spinner to create new content, the search engine will easily flag it. So, instead of that, invest in high-quality content writing. For that, hire the best SEO company in India.

At this point, you should also know that churning out duplicate content is also a strict no. There is software that can easily detect duplicate content even if you are changing a few words here and there. So, avoid creating duplicate content. Professional copywriters will help you come up with unique content that will offer you maximum results.

Negative Competitor SEO

Negative competitor SEO is also another technique that you need to avoid at any cost. This technique involves investing in creating a negative impression of the competitors instead of creating a positive one for your brand. The businesses can leave false negative reviews online as well as can make fake online complaints. Creating backlinks from spam site can be another way. This might affect the reputation of your competitor for sometime but it won’t help you in the long run. Rather, research on what your competitors are doing and how you can improvise more by offering something more to your target audience.

So, now as you know what grey hat SEO techniques you need to avoid, what are you waiting for? Keep them in mind and strategize white hat SEO for the best results. And for professional help, get in touch with us. Visit or call at +91 980140672 now.

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