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4 Rules to Follow for Writing Good Articles

By Mitali Purkait Ghosh on December 31, 2021

Content Writing is diverse and pervasive in today’s era. In this digitized era, content can be seen everywhere. However, every content available in the internet world cannot and should not be clubbed under the category of content writing. Content writing is an umbrella term that contains various types of write-ups. But be it a blog, a website blog, an article, or any other type of write-up, there are always two sets of rules to follow. The first set comes with the SEO specification and the second set is the unsaid set of rules. The later set should be known to you if you are a writer or you want to hire a writer. Whether you are searching for content writing services or a writer yourself, read on to know what are the rules you need to follow for writing the perfect article.

Minimize the Entry Barrier

When you are writing an article, the first thing you need to take into consideration is how you can draw in the reader without a barrier in their face. This barrier is often the opening paragraph in most articles, for the writer as well as the reader. If your opening paragraph is tenaciously long, you lose most of your readers there. It makes the reader want to put a lot of effort into the beginning itself. Though the beginning and the end part of an article are generally the toughest part for a writer to visualize and pen down, keeping it short and easy to engage with your readers would help you remove that barrier.

Visually Appealing Text in Short Paragraphs

Making every paragraph- long would only make the reader lose interest or concentration, worst-case scenario, both. Everything should be shortened and made to the point. This becomes much more important in SEO content writing. When you make short paragraphs, they attract the eyes of the readers immediately towards them and they are easy to write as well. While keeping the paragraphs short and crisp, another important part would be to make them visually appealing. That is to have a font format set that would look tantalizing.

No Unnecessary Words

This though seems like an addition to the last rule, this is a vital point in itself. Writing unnecessary words to either increase the word count is a big turn off to readers. The patience of the readers is anyway thin when reading online content, so you would just lose your readers with excessive use of unnecessary words. Also, repetitive words make your article less attractive and in the worst-case scenario, you would have to rewrite the entire article. If you are someone who is hiring a writer you probably should keep this rule in mind. Just like when you hire a copywriter, you check for their conciseness, it becomes the same when you hire a content writer as well.

Substantial Work

Instead of writing abstract and vague points that do not match at all with your article title, fill it with substance about the topic. When you hire any content writing services, most often writers make this mistake where they use flowery language to cover up the absence of substance in the article. Your article must have a meaning that conveys understanding to the readers. Your article must reach your audience. So, do your research work properly and hire the best from the business.

These are some of the unsaid rules that you need to follow if you want to write a good article. We at Digital Concepts understand how difficult and taxing it can be to write a full format SEO article, which is why we ensure you receive the best write-ups from us. Contact us at +91 98301 40672 today!

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