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5 Time-Tested Steps for Writing a Good Blog Post and Attract More Audience

By Mitali Purkait Ghosh on December 16, 2020

A blog post is the voice of your brand that is reaching your target audience. It is giving them the relevant information about your brand and product. It is building trust for you. And it is helping the audience to make a well-informed purchase decision which generally goes in your favor.

That is why you need to hire a copywriter and ensure that you are following time-tested steps to make your blogs effectively compelling for your audience. What are the 5 steps our expert writers are suggesting? Take a look.

Identifying Your Buyer Persona

Find out who is your audience, what they do, what they look for on the internet, what is it they are interested in, and what is their pain points.

Research for SEO

Use SEO tools and techniques to find out what they are searching for on the internet, from which location, using what keyword, and from what device.

Write a Draft

Anticipate the questions your audience will have and answer them on your own in the draft you are preparing now.


Now, edit the draft, polish it some more and publish. Make it available when your audience is searching for similar content.


Now use different channels like social media, newsletters and videos to promote the blog. The aim is to reach more and more of your target audience.

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