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To Know Your Customers You Need To Use These Five Digital Marketing Tools

By Mitali Purkait Ghosh on November 26, 2018

In the world of internet marketing if you know – who are your customers, where are they coming from and what do they need, half your battle is won. As a leading online marketing company we at Digital Concepts always stress on knowing your target audience and having your hand on their pulse. There are agencies that get started with offering internet marketing services without identifying and segregating target audience. We believe it amounts to shooting arrows in the dark without ever knowing which ones would hit the target even if they end up doing so. During our course of audience research we have come across great tools that let you know your customers and their aspirations. So here are five tools that we use on a regular basis while managing campaigns for our customers –

  1. Google Analytics – You have already heard about it previously and while there have been several analytics tools that have come and gone nobody has been able to match the level of insights that Google Analytics offers. How many viewers have arrived on the landing page? Where have they come from? What keywords is driving traffic to your website? It offers you all that you would ever want to know about your website.
  2. SurveyMonkey – There is no better survey tool on this planet. Period! If you wish to run surveys to know about your customers this is one tool that will make your life easy. We use it pretty often to run our own surveys and you can easily create a unique survey using this and get deep insights about what customers think about your products, services and also know their aspirations.
  3. Google Trends – As a business you need to follow the latest trends in the market. What are people searching for? How are they searching? Google Trends is your access to the world behind the search engine. Once you spot the trends and how your customers are using the search engines you can put this knowledge to good use.
  4. Hootsuite – What users write about you, what they share about you on social media platforms makes lot of difference to your brand identity.  A social media listening tool is a must-have tool for any modern business and there is none better than Hootsuite. Customise parameters and you won’t miss out on a single mention of your brand across different platforms. What’s more, you can use this knowledge to interact with your customers in these platforms.
  5. Salesforce – Managing tons of customer data can be cumbersome. When you have multiple sales team gathering and using this data the problem multiplies. We use sales data to store all information on the cloud that can be easily accessed by authorized people. This tool allows you to update database in real-time which makes it ideal for collaboration and sharing.

These tools can work wonders in terms of letting get inside the minds of your customers. If you wish to leverage them to the maximum you need the services of a good internet marketing company. At Digital Concepts we tick all the boxes in terms of skills, expertise, and industry knowledge. Write to us at sales@digitalconcepts.in or call us +91 98301 40672 to discuss about your internet marketing campaign and we promise to run a stellar one.

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