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8 Effective Tips to Boost SEO for Medical Websites

Are you finding it hard to get new patients online and falling behind the other practitioners when it comes to online marketing? Here is when you step up and apply search engine optimization to ensure that your website appears first when users look for keywords related to specialization. But before that, you need to know what medical SEO is. Wondering where to seek help? Why don’t you hire a digital marketing company to perk up the online presence of your medical facility and come out as a winner? At Digital Concepts, we offer the best tips to doctors and healthcare facilities alike.

Medical SEO: Things to know

Medical SEO is used to boost the ranking of medical websites in search engines for healthcare facilities, hospitals, treatment centers, and other medical service providers can reach more patients. Some of the tasks related to medical SEO include creating high-quality content surrounding keywords and ensuring that the website is technically sound and just right for creating strong backlinks and a local SEO presence. If you outsource SEO services to us, get a mobile-friendly website design compliant with consistency, clarity, and the best navigation.

SEO for medical practices

SEO for medical practices is a much-needed aspect, whether you are a small brand or a new practice in need of attention. You need to create great website traffic and high-quality backlinks to outsmart the competitors and their established practices in the healthcare industry. For a physician to dominate the search results for your practice, you might have the following in mind.

  • Increase in new patients
  • Get higher revenue
  • Boost the consultations and appointments
  • Enhance the practice growth

Benefits of SEO for medical websites

Getting online is easy but getting noticed is not. That is why medical SEO is so important for your healthcare facility to stick around for a long time. Investing in quality healthcare offers the following benefits.

  • Get high-quality leads

One of the reasons why medical SEO produces quality leads is inbound and targets only those audience segments that are interested in your services. For instance, if a prospect enters a search query or a keyword phrase related to a medical facility, your web page will pop up and take them into the sales funnel.

  • Rev up brand awareness

Appearing in the search engine boosts online visibility. The more your website appears in the search engine the faster you will get qualified leads. When executed properly, SEO for websites provides good exposure to potential patients. When potential patients view the website, the visibility of your facility will improve and the audience will engage with the brand.

  • Cost effectiveness

SEO costs a fraction of your expenditure on traditional methods of lead generation. Organic traffic doesn’t just help you capture more market share. SEO campaigns are incomplete without an organic traffic cheat sheet. They are also more likely to convert into paying customers. All of that is achieved by a sound SEO campaign that works round the clock. Paid advertisements can’t compete with an effective SEO strategy.

How to improve medical SEO?

Regardless of the size and capacity of the medical practice, here is how your website will improve the bottom line.

  • Improve the website speed

About 50% of people expect a webpage to load in as early as 2 seconds or even less. When patients visit the website, the first impression is formed based on the speed of the site. A slow loading speed may mean that patients may leave the site and switch to competitors. Above all, the speed of the site contributes to the search engine ranking factor. Google will not rank a website high if the loading speed is slow even if it has the best content. Using the PageSpeed Insights tool to determine the loading speed and the performance of the site on a desktop might require you to make improvements.

  • Easy to crawl websites

Another important factor that improves the ranking of your medical facility is how easy it is to crawl the website. To allow the search engine to crawl the site easily, it needs to have a logical website structure, interlinking of blogs and web pages, and get rid of broken links. Often, healthcare facilities come with poor link structure and allow search engines to misinterpret the relationship between pages.

  • Optimization of the site for mobile devices

The healthcare industry faces numerous challenges when optimizing content across various channels. With mobiles dominating people’s lives daily, optimizing the site for mobile devices plays a hugely important role. Over 50% of the site traffic comes from mobile devices, the search engines focus on mobile-friendly sites. Research reveals that Google indexes the mobile version of all websites.

The websites optimized for mobiles offer the best user experience regardless of the devices used and improve the rank of the medical sites on the search result pages. Outsource SEO to us for creating inspiring solutions that is time and cost-effective.

  • Leveraging EAT algorithm

The expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness algorithm is one of the factors Google uses to determine the overall page quality ranking. If you want to achieve a high EAT score, you will need more than just the right keywords. Apart from getting the keywords right, it is necessary to turn to establish the medical credentials.

  • Online reviews are vital for medical SEO

Online reviews deserve a crucial place when conducting SEO. When addressing SEO for medical facilities, ranking on Google becomes easier. The reviews may come directly from those experiencing the practice. Reviews indicate the page rank strongly to make sure that you have a good number of visors on the website. Consult with us for digital marketing services and know how to perk up your rank with industry experts.

  • Having a Facebook business page

If you do not have a business Facebook page, you may fall behind in success. Do a quick research of the competitor’s site and you will quickly find out that their Facebook page is one of the major contributors to website ranking. Facebook is big clout in search engine ranking, so invest in stepping up your social media presence.

  • Use video content

Video is a powerful medium to get to the audience and develop a trustworthy relationship. If you look back and examine the content marketing programs, you will know how to engage with the visitors. Why not add videos to the blog posts and rev up the on-page time? If you are struggling to find video content ideas, analyze the questions that patients ask and make sure the video resolves their queries.

  • Use Google My Business and local listings

Local SEO for medical facilities and doctors plays a vital role to allow prospective patients to access the healthcare services in your area. With local SEO, you can boost foot traffic, become a feasible contender for the other facilities and practitioners of your area, reduce the cost of advertising, and attract patients to your practice. All you need is to sign up for a free account of Google My Business account and list your practice with other practices in the directories to improve the search engine rankings. When searching for the advantages of SEO for medical professionals, Digital Concepts, the best SEO company will have you covered. We will help you improve the website traffic, and enhance the patient volumes. Implementing the abovementioned tips may make a huge difference to your business.

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