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Organic Traffic Secrets: How to Dominate Google in 2023

The Ultimate Cheat Sheet on Organic Traffic Growth in 2023

By Mitali Purkait Ghosh on June 23, 2023

Getting organic traffic is what most businesses dream about but only a few can accomplish their dreams. Do you know the reason? It may be that the SEO strategies may not be as defined as they should be or other follies are hard to identify.

Fortunately, you can outsource SEO to India to boost your site’s availability and generate more traffic. If you are striving to rank in the search engine, you are in the best destination. At Digital Concepts, an offshore company based in India, we will help you deliver from the mess and let you stand ahead of the competition. Trust us if you are trying to cut through the struggles to get more organic traffic for your website.

Here are a few amazing ways to drive organic traffic to your site in 2023.

1. Know the keywords that rank

Keywords are the lifeline of SEO, but when it comes to choosing, you need to identify those that reflect your niche appropriately. Research on online tools like SEM Rush and check the keywords activity on Google Analytics and gather the ones that will eventually add value to your website. Try to create more meaningful content around those keywords to fuel your optimization efforts and get more traffic to your site. Remember that it is not just targeting high-volume keywords that will get you more traffic. You need to build an authority on those keywords that best represent your business. We are among the reliable offshore SEO services to assist you in identifying those keywords that matter.

2. Relevant content

To make sure you are ahead of others when it comes to picking organic traffic, the content you create needs to be informative and it should pertain to your business. Overall, the content you create needs to resolve people’s queries and offer them the solutions you need. Unless your content addresses the audience appropriately, you will never surpass the competition.

3. Reverse link building

Link building is one of the preferred SEO techniques but do not limit yourself to guest blogging. The best option would be to create link-worthy content. Usually, content needs to include original research materials and ultimate guides comprising new approaches. As an offshore marketing agency, we will help you create amazing content with fresh perspectives to ensure that your site gets more organic traffic.

4. Optimizing header tags, titles, images, and descriptions

Trying to climb the ladder to reach the search engine result pages and need more organic traffic? The header tags, page title and description need to be optimized as it allows the search engines to sneak into your intent. As the web crawlers come across the title and description at first, make sure they are properly optimized to make them more attention-grabbing. Similarly, you need to optimize the images by adding suitable titles, using alt text to describe the images, and avoid using pictures that are too messy. If you are searching for an SEO marketing company near me, reach us to maximize visibility and improve engagement.

5. Reduce the loading time

Imagine how you would feel when you are searching for something online and the website takes more than a couple of minutes to load. Various factors may affect the loading speed. Leverage our expertise to know where you are going wrong and rev up the speed of your site. Use tools like Google Page Speed, and GT Metrix and check the sections where you need to improve.

These are some of the best practices to follow if you are trying to step up the volume of organic traffic. We also offer WooCommerce and Shopify SEO services, in case you are trying to scale up the operations of your e-commerce store. That said, if you want to further improve your site’s visitors, get in touch with us at or email us to schedule an appointment at today.

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