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A 2020 Guide to What Can Make Your WordPress Site Slower

By Mitali Purkait Ghosh on July 10, 2020

WordPress is generally a very straight forward system that offers amazing functionality to a website. But the truth is that there is hardly any user who uses it in the simplest way, the way it shows post-installation. And it is often not possible either. When you are creating your brand’s website, you surely want things to be designed and customized exactly the way you want. For that, you need to customize the website too. You are surely using scores of custom themes and plugins to make the site more customized.

Now, while you or the WordPress web development company you have hired has ignored this part already, it is necessary for you to know that all these customizations might take a toll on the speed of your website too. How fast your site should be? Typically, the users visiting your website or any Top eCommerce Development Companies website, they won’t stay on your page if it is slow and takes more than 3 seconds to open. But why does the site become slow? Experts in WordPress development services from our team at Digital Concepts provide the following reasons why this can happen,

  • Ping
  • Hosting quality
  • Code quality
  • Website request


Ping is essentially the time for processing the query from the users’ computer when they click on your URL. It is measured in milliseconds but this can add up quickly if there are lots of requests for the website. Now, as the audience cannot be always located near your server, you can use the Content Delivery Network or CDN for speeding it up.

Hosting Quality

Finding a good hosting provider is extremely necessary. If the hosting server is not strong, it won’t work smoothly when there are too many requests. So, when you are opting for a strong host, you will remain protected from the unprecedented traffic surges on your website.

Code Quality

Code quality is another determining factor when it comes to the speed of your website. If bad codes are used, they will take much longer to process. If the code is not optimized, it will be memory-sensitive. But if you are coming to us, you get to hire WordPress developer who is seasoned with years of experience in the industry. Hence, choosing the code structure for your website won’t be an issue for them.

Website Requests

The number of requests that your website will get depends on the code of the site too. However, you can have control over this factor. Whenever a user clicks and your site loads a resource, be it anything, a graphic, a video, or a script, it will add up to the loading time of the website. Each separate request takes time to process. This,in turn, can have a direct effect on the decreasing speed of the website. But this doesn’t mean that you won’t customize your site with these resources. Now, when you are hiring WordPress development company like us, we can use different techniques to deal with this part.

Measuring Loading Time

Before you start working on increasing the speed of your website, you need to know how you can measure the speed. There are various tools that can measure the load time. Consider the following options that you need to keep in mind when you are testing:

  • Variability: The time of tests should vary. You might get different results at different times. Test at peak hours. Also, test when it is not.
  • Test Location: While testing, the location should be near your target audience. This way you can ensure to get the closest test result to the user experience.
  • Devices: These days, people access websites from the desktop computers as well as mobile devices. So, when you are testing the speed, make sure you are using different devices too.

So, now as you know what can affect your website speed, what are you waiting for? Come to us for a customized WordPress web design services, and set the ball rolling. Call at +91 98301 40672 now for more details.

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