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Choosing the Ideal Shopify Theme to Elevate Your Business

By Mitali Purkait Ghosh on November 6, 2023

Shopify Themes are like templates or blueprints for your store. You can customize the theme to add certain features, align it with your aesthetic vision, and strategically place CTAs to help you attract and convert more customers.

No wonder choosing the right theme is crucial for your business. The right theme can make or break your online store and decide the trajectory going forward. At Digital Concepts, we don’t just help you choose the ideal theme but provide extensive Shopify website development services to polish your site.

Tips to choose the ideal store theme from one of the best website designers for Shopify:

1. Decide on a budget

When you buy a new phone, you have a set budget and that comes with certain features and quality expectations. Similarly, deciding on a budget helps you narrow down the features and elements you can expect from a theme. Themes range from free options to those that cost high up in the three figures.

Free themes are usually designed by up-and-coming developers who want to strengthen their portfolios. They provide you with the most basic features and offer minimal customization. As you climb higher on the price ladder, you get themes that are created by more renowned and trusted developers with heavily customizable themes and SEO integrations to boost the rank of your website. When you hire Shopify developers, you can harness a theme’s full potential.

2. Make a list of uncompromisable features

Fashion websites can’t do without a pop-up window for size charts and online bookstores must have a bookmarking feature. Depending on your niche, you must decide on a list of uncompromisable features for your website and make sure that the Shopify theme has them all. For instance, a clothing store must have:

  • Pop-ups for size specifications
  • Shop the look feature that redirects consumers to every item the model is wearing
  • Wishlist feature that lets consumers add products to their wishlist and buy them later
  • Product swatches to show the same apparel in different colors and patterns  

At Digital Concepts, we pride ourselves in offering Shopify development services after thoroughly learning about your needs. Even if a theme is missing a feature or two, we make sure to integrate those features with premium plugins from the Shopify app store. 

3. Focus on Mobile-friendliness

Desktops and laptops are mostly reserved for business or work. Nowadays, most of the world is mobile and consumers tend to prefer their smartphones for shopping or entertainment. It’s highly likely that they discover online stores on their tiny pocket computers. Before you optimize your checkout page to boost sales, focus on mobile-friendliness while choosing a theme.

Otherwise, you will lose out on a major chunk of consumers. Select a responsive theme that automatically adjusts your website layout to fit different resolutions and screen sizes. Choose a theme that adjusts navigation elements and CTAs on mobile and keeps them user-friendly. Your customers aren’t going to care about the stylish look of your site’s desktop version when they open it on their phones. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, our Shopify development services can lighten your burden.   A theme has a big impact on your online store and acts as its foundation. Use the above-mentioned tips to decide on a Shopify theme that makes your store stand out from the rest. If you’re looking for a reliable web development outsourcing company to build a fantastic store, look no further than Digital Concepts. Call now at +91 98301 40672 or fill up the form at

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