The Ultimate Guide to Content Marketing Best Practices for 2024
Content Marketing Best Practices for 2024

Content Marketing 2024: What’s Hot, What’s Not, and What to Do About It

By Mitali Purkait Ghosh on January 11, 2024

The perpetually evolving content marketing trends present a humongous burden for content marketers. For small businesses, the fear of lagging behind the trends can be even more frustrating.

Another insight that is leaving marketers perplexed is the domination of AI. For some, it’s like “Shall we even think about the top SEO trends in 2024”? Well, you will indeed find a lot of mentions about AI but that is not all. The predictions for the coming year are also likely to address various other segments in this industry. Now what are they?

Let us begin with the content marketing forecast for 2024 before you hire a digital marketing agency to strategize your content marketing lifecycle.

1. Hype about AI

2023 was surrounded by all the hype related to AI and most of us were deeply involved in figuring out the AI tools and which one of them will benefit us. It is expected that 2024 about integrate AI tools for different content marketing methodologies. For instance, the experts working for offshore SEO services may rely on those methodologies for real-time content. Experts have stated humans will only be involved in creative thinking and then switch to AI to implement it across marketing channels and campaigns.

A majority of companies think that they can cut down on hiring human writers and create content on AI. 2024 will be the year when we need to watch what will happen in content creation. However, another group of experts that strategy will soon fall out as customers will no longer respond to the same content as the previous times. So, by the end of 2024, human content creators are expected to be more valuable.

2. More demand for podcasts

If you follow the trends of previous years before pouring into the key SEO trends for 2024, podcasts are going to be a popular choice for users. Recent statistics reveal that more and more people are going to listen to podcasts, close to over 500 million people by the end of 2024. Naturally, content marketers will incorporate this strategy as podcasts present a unique way of connecting with the audience. Typically, it serves as a trusted platform for building positive relationships with customers, enhancing brand visibility, promoting sales, and establishing the authority of the brand.

3. Relying on user-generated content

One of the latest SEO trends for 2024identifies UGC as one of the most promising strategies for marketing content. Here is how:

  • Hashtag campaigns are those that ask the audience to share their stories and let the marketers what people think about them.
  • Checking the user ratings and reviews is going to be of prime importance in 2024. Companies need to respond to positive and negative reviews with equal fervor. With reviews, you can build trust gradually and motivate new customers to purchase your products and services.
  • Invite your audience to share stories, reviews, videos, and photos that are related to their experience with your products and services. That way, you can get authentic content from real users.

4. Integration with social platforms

By 2024, integration with social media platforms will no longer be an option for content marketers. Discuss with a white label SEO agency in India to find out which are the preferred ones to be included in the campaigns. Here they are:

  • Twitch

With live streaming platforms like Twitch that are gaining relevance and popularity, it may be worth exploring options if your brand has products that you want to showcase through live streaming. That way, it will be easier to engage users in real-time and build a large fan base.

  • Discord

Discord is a message that young adults and teens are more familiar with. Through this platform, you can build brand loyalty and an entire community. Wondering how? Allow the followers to participate in Q&A sessions and special events to foster connections with them that are built to last.

  • Reels on Instagram

With its popularity exploding, Instagram reels have caught up with Gen Z. The primary focus of the video content is capturing the funny and quirky moments. However, that is not just repurposing old content. Content needs to be specially created for reels to engage the audience in the real sense. Is it going to be the future of SEO in 2024? A lot needs to be watched through this year before you decide.

5. Creating fun and relevant content

One of the major obstacles that marketers face is content fatigue. The onslaught of information often leads to ignorance of what is more relevant and how to present the content. Fun and relatable content is gradually gaining momentum like memes to reveal the pain points of customers. Some of the relatable content that is funny as well are comic strips, funny videos, and games.

No matter what the future SEO trends in 2024 are going to be, you need marketing experts to propagate your marketing campaigns. Businesses may go on for the segmentation of their customers and stay on the edge of the latest trends. Content marketers who are adaptable to change and are flexible are likely to stay ahead of the curve.

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