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How To Deal With 8 Common Duplicate Content Issues

By Mitali Purkait Ghosh on May 31, 2022

With all the hullabaloo surrounding content writing, duplicate content is the last thing that a website may have and the SEO people need to deal with. Before you know what, the issues are in duplicate write-ups, it is necessary to work on what it comprises. Duplicate writing may be seen across different URLs, making it tougher for the search engines to list the right URL. Subsequently, the URLs fail to get the desired rank and the preferences may go to other websites.

One way of dealing with identical write-ups is to focus on writing uniquely for which you may hire website content writer to make the pages as fresh and unique as possible. Well, you need not go far as we have some of the most proficient content and copywriters to help your website contents, articles and blogs stand out.

Know the issues and the fixes:

There may be a plethora of reasons why duplicate articles and blogs may exist. Whether it is a technical glitch or an occurrence by chance, here is what you need to know and the ways to resolve them.

1. Canonicalization of the home page

If you have never heard this term, a home page with several URLs often allows the users to access the same writing through various web pages. Unless you create a redirect or mention the subdomain to the search engine, it may index each URL as a page, reducing the value of link equity across various URLs.

The best solution to deal with canonicalization is to create a 301 redirect to the preferred URL.

2. Capitalization of URL

Do you know that the URLs are often case-sensitive, making it hard for the search engine to differentiate between them with and without capital letters? Therefore, they might index it as two different pages with the same piece of writing.

The SEO content writing services with the necessary competence have experts who understand the significance of sticking to a single case. When fixing the capitalization inconsistencies, they often create 301 redirects to the URL without capitalization.

3. Using information-tracking parameters and session IDs

To make the web marketing figures more accurate, the SEO experts often use different session IDs and precepts for tracking information. Unfortunately, the search engines often think of each version as a different URL and index them separately. The result is failed rankings due to duplicate write-ups.

Using the rel=canonical tag allows you to set the version of the URL you desire and get it crawled by the search engines.

4. Pagination

The search engines may not recognize the paginated web pages and term them as duplicated articles and blogs. Although there may be several technical issues behind pagination, rel-prev and rel-next tags may help resolve the issues. When you hire content writer in India, be sure to check the background to benefit fully.

5. Copying content

Several spammy sites may use your writings and pass it on as theirs, resulting in duplicate write-ups again. You can ask the site to remove the content or learn more about copyright infringement.

6. Trailing slashes

There are URLs with or without trailing slashes, but they are considered two different pages. You need to keep one version across the sitemaps and internal links.

7. Global websites

When websites go global, duplication of the website writing may arise due to repeated use of the same write-up from the root domain. You can hire a copywriter to create unique content, which is relevant to the target market to make the global expansion more in line.

8. Category and tag pages

Often, blog sites have category and tag pages to enhance the user experience. However, the search engines may recognize them as duplicates due to similar tags and categories.

Using “noindex” to tell Google not to index the tag and category pages is a good solution.

Once you understand the causes of duplicate content and work on the solutions, nothing can stop you from page optimization to improve rankings. If you want to keep duplicate articles and blogs at bay, why don’t you approach Digital Concepts and work on ways to sort the issues. Call us at +91 9830140672 or visit us at https://www.digitalconcepts.in/ for more info.

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