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What are the Steps to Write an Engaging Article?

In the sea of content writing, article writing is just another type of content that is created to help you establish your brand in the digital marketing world. It is that type of content that directly or indirectly shares information about your brand and the services you provide. This is why there are certain steps or criteria that you must keep in mind when you are availing content writing services for article writing. Since most businesses these days, focus on promoting their business according to the changing trends in the digital marketing world, SEO has become the go-to technique for every content. Article writing is no different. But what should be the methodology that you should focus on to bring out the best article? Read on to find out!

What is Expected?

Before you begin with article writing, the first question that comes up is that what is expected of you? Based on what specifications do you need to write the article? This is why when you hire a writer, you need to be aware of how they are preparing before they begin with their article writing. The factors that you should consider when writing an article are:

  • To whom the article is being addressed. That is, who is the targeted audience of your client. Because, you need to be careful that your article is not ambiguous and generalized. As that would not help you promote your specific brand in any way.
  • Does your client have any specifications about what to write on? This is a very common yet important part of SEO content writing. You would have to focus on the keywords that your client would want the content developed on.
  • What is the specific format your client prefers? This is important because an article is lengthy, which would mean that it would have to be appealing in terms of content as well as visuals. A format also helps the readers to understand the different aspects being discussed in the article. Even the style of writing is important, because if the article is difficult to comprehend, then the readers would lose interest in it, nullifying the entire point of writing it.

Researching Thoroughly

After meeting the above criteria, the second step to write an SEO article would be to research thoroughly. It is no rocket science that to write great content, the research time behind it should be ample. This applies to every content writing services that you avail for your business. While researching for the topic provided by the client you should always evaluate all the available information and form your unique article from it.

Deciding the Structure

Most people confuse between the format and the structure of content writing. While the format is a fixed way of how your content or article would look, the structure is how you are deciding on putting your ideas and thoughts into shape. This would mean the basic skeleton of your article, like what the introductory part would be, how many headings and sub-headings you would use and more. Just like when you hire a copywriter for a completely promotional project. The structure for that content is crisp and directly promotional. Similarly, the article needs to be informative and that can’t be done without elaborating it. This is where deciding on the structure becomes important.


After having refined your topic through these steps, you finally write your article down. While writing you need to make sure that it has everything that you have decided upon until now. Include your research while keeping the keywords specified by the client. Keep the structure in mind while writing so that it can communicate with the customers and provide them the information that they have been searching for without any excess linking. Because that would divert your article from its main purpose to provide the information of your brand and its services.


The final touch up of any content is editing. Article writing needs more editing since it is lengthy. Any extra information that is not needed, can be edited off. You can add the specifications that your clients need, if you had missed out on them. You can keep your article precise and crisp with editing it, because this step demands you to check through your article minutely.

When you follow these steps, the end product that you get is an engaging article. This article provides your consumers with the information you want to provide them about the services you provide. At Digital Concepts, we have well-trained content writers affluent in SEO techniques who would win over the targeted audience with captivating and engaging articles. You can check through our services at https://www.digitalconcepts.in/ or buzz us up at +91 98301 40672 to avail our services!

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