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SEO Checklist to Boost Your E-commerce Business

It has been a long time since the paradigm shift for online purchasing. Those days are long gone when people used to rush to the offline stores for buying their necessary products. In fact, with the world adjusting with the current post-pandemic norms, ecommerce websites have become more relevant to buyers all around the world.

The research by the industry leaders says that around 44% of people first search on Google while they are purchasing something online. And 38% of the retail traffic directly comes from the organic search too. So, these stats are enough to tell you that creating an ecommerce website and offering the relevant products are not enough. You need to hire an online marketing agency and invest in their digital marketing services in order to boost your ecommerce business. Experts at Digital Concepts have come up with the checklist that will help you get to boost your online business needs. Take a look.

Make Your Website SEO-Friendly

One cannot stress enough on this point really. If you want to appear at the top of the SERP even as an ecommerce website, you need to make your site SEO-friendly. So, the first and foremost step will be hiring a company of internet marketing services that will guide you. And then you need to follow the next points.

  • Choose an SEO-friendly platform for your ecommerce website. WooCommerce, Shopify, Magento,or any option you choose, consult the experts you are hiring.
  • Product-based keywords should be your priority.
  • Make sure you are using the keywords in Home page product categories as well as in your blog content
  • Now, you need to optimize the content for head terms and long-tail keywords
  • Now, fix the technical issues regarding duplicate content, speed of your website, broken canonical links, deep pages, HTTP issues, and so on.

The agency you are hiring should be able to help you with all the technical issues.

Optimize Your Product Page

For an ecommerce website, a product page is as much important as the home page. Often because of PPC and social media marketing, your consumers might land on the product page itself. So, this page should be properly optimized too.

  • Use target product based keyword in the title tag
  • Keep the title tag in 55-60 characters
  • Create personalized meta descriptions that will explain the deals, perks, and the details of the product
  • Your each product page will need unique error-free content containing 250-500 words
  • With a thematic silo structure, you can classify your product page
  • Implementation of schema markup is necessary for products, ratings, reviews, availability, price, and breadcrumbs

The online marketing company India you are hiring should take care of all of these.

Build Your Authority

Now, you need to build authority to gain the trust of your potential customers. This is the final step for thelong-term success of your ecommerce business.

  • Create a listing in Google My Business
  • Build local citation
  • Encourage your customers to review your products and services
  • Offer incentives for user-generated content like reviews
  • Publish relevant engaging blogs
  • Link the product page and blog content with high-quality links
  • Make an impression on your social media platform
  • Measure, analyze, and correct the strategies
  • Now repeat the things that worked

So, don’t forget to save the checklist for the grand success of your ecommerce website. And to hire experts from us, visit or call at +91 98301 40672.

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