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Empower Your WordPress Mastery with These Chrome Extensions

By Mitali Purkait Ghosh on November 15, 2023

Google Chrome is the most popular browser on the internet. Most other browsers are based on Chromium, Google’s browser engine. So, if you have a WordPress website, it’s highly likely that you are managing and updating it through Chrome. Did you know that you can streamline your workflow and manage your WordPress sites more easily with Chrome extensions? Leave complicated web development tasks to a trusted custom WordPress development company like Digital Concepts while you increase productivity with the best Chrome extensions.

The best Chrome extensions according to a premier WordPress development company:

1. Grammarly

Content writers are highly familiar with Grammarly. It’s a powerful tool that helps you detect grammatical errors and incorrect spelling. You can install it on your desktop, or phone, or as an extension on your browser to correct documents, emails, or even the content on your WordPress website. Add this extension to your browser and get rid of typos and errors with a click. Grammarly doesn’t just help you detect mistakes. It has AI features that help you improve the website content and show suggestions when you hover your cursor over the marked text. However, don’t be completely reliant on it. Sometimes, this powerful tool may be off and that’s why you need to manually inspect everything before hitting post.

2. Dashlane or LastPass

If you are locked into Google’s or Apple’s ecosystem where you exclusively use their devices and services in daily life, you probably use the native password manager. However, if you use an iPhone, a Windows Surface laptop, and a Lenovo tablet, it’s best to use a reliable third-party password manager like LastPass or DashLane. They come with browser extensions that help you securely log into all your WordPress admin accounts without remembering hundreds of unique passwords.

3. SEOquake

Semrush is one of the best SEO tools in the market and every site owner has at least heard or read about it once during their search engine optimization efforts. It’s an indispensable tool for keyword and backlink research and comes with a long list of tools that help you check the domain authority of sites, search through listings, and do a lot more. Unfortunately, Semrush doesn’t have a Chrome extension to help you out.

That’s where SEOquake comes in. It’s an extension that provides you with keyword reports and SEO analysis with a click. After you perform competitor analysis with this tool, you can hire dedicated WordPress developers from our organization to implement them.

4. Taco

Taco is a powerful extension that helps everyone collaborate on your project, whether they are using task managers like Trello, Asana, or BaseCamp. When you hire an offshore web development company like Digital Concepts to switch your site to a block theme or make other modifications, Taco is the perfect tool for a collaborative effort.

5. Awesome screenshots

While writing blog posts for your site, you need to research several topics and browse through different content. Sometimes, it’s best to capture images and videos that may help to make your posts more engaging. Awesome Screenshot helps you achieve that goal seamlessly. This list of Chrome extensions should boost WordPress productivity immensely. On the other hand, choose Digital Concepts for all your web development needs, a premier WordPress development company in India. Our highly experienced team of developers uses their extensive knowledge to bring your vision to life. Contact us now at +91 98301 40672 or fill out the form at with your requirements.

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