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AI impacted SEO

How Has AI Impacted SEO in 2024?

By Mitali Purkait Ghosh on April 26, 2024

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the key player that helps drive organic traffic to websites. SEO professionals have been constantly updating themselves to adhere to major search engine algorithm updates each year.

However, since the commencement of AI in the scenario, the landscape of digital marketing has witnessed a major shift! This is because AI has had an impact on everything, starting from keyword research to content creation.

Here at Digital Concepts, a leading internet marketing company in India, we leverage AI tools and try to make the most out of them. We firmly believe in extracting the positives of AI without relying too heavily on it.

So, it’s crucial to understand what the future of SEO with AI looks like, and how has AI impacted SEO in 2024 both positively and negatively.

The Positive Impacts Of AI On SEO

Let’s just cut to the chase and look at the many positive impacts that AI has on SEO in 2024-

1. Crafting Data-Driven Content

AI is a powerful tool that can analyze top-ranking content. Not only that, but it can also recognize intricate patterns that websites use to shape their content strategy. Such insightful data is very helpful when it comes to guidelines regarding content creation, as it helps ensure that the created content aligns with what users and even search engines are looking for! This can be a game-changer for businesses utilizing internet marketing services.

2. Data Prediction And Analysis

It’s AI, not human! So it doesn’t forget what you feed it with! This particular superpower enables it to analyze previously acquired data, along with user behavior, and utilize them for predicting future content strategies and trends. This helps SEO professionals largely, as they can predict future trends and develop the latest SEO strategies in 2024 to customize content accordingly.

3. Optimization For Voice Searches

Voice-activated devices have been quite popular since the inception of their launch. And AI has played a key role in optimizing content for voice searches. How? Well, AI algorithms can understand natural language queries and can shower you with more specific and relevant answers. This helps SEO professionals optimize content accordingly by imbibing conversational phrases, and long-tail keywords.

The Negative Impacts Of AI On SEO

Well, every coin has two sides! And AI’s impact on SEO also has a range of negative impacts. Let’s understand how-

1. Too Much Reliance On AI

While relying on AI tools for assistance is understandable, overreliance is a thing that businesses should avoid. The goal should be to maintain a balance between AI-powered tools and the magical human touch. Otherwise, such negative habits might lead to generic content creation and strategy, which will pose a major hurdle between the business and its long-term success.

2. A Toll On Job Security

With the launch of AI, many SEO experts across the world had a strong belief that their future was at stake! Because AI is capable of performing a range of tasks and functions faster and on a much better scale. However, this belief is slowly wearing off due to the realization that AI still requires human intervention for some integral touch-ups and fine-tuning. But the fear remains! If you’re looking for help navigating the ever-changing world of SEO, consider reaching out to a reputable SEO marketing company near me.

3. Cutthroat Competition

With the increase in accessibility of AI-driven tools, the competition for ranking amongst the top websites in SERPs has grown significantly. So, businesses that are still struggling to adapt to AI integration for SEO strategies might have a hard time coping with their competitors, who might seek leverage and get ahead in the race.

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The Future? We Need Both!

Well, what does the future look like then? Our analysis says we need both AI and Human interactions to pull off the SEO game! While AI will be taking care of technical aspects, experts who provide offshore digital marketing services in India should be inclining more over creativity and come up with excellent content that will have a lasting impact on the users!

Want to know more about how you can leverage AI tools to churn out the best of SEO practices? We, as a leading online marketing company in India, can help! Mail us at or visit our website to learn more!

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